MHS seniors receive scholarships

Meteor Staff
Posted 5/21/19

Multiple Madisonville High School seniors were recognized with awards and scholarships from local businesses at the school’s auditorium on Thursday evening. Among the prestigious recognition given to the Class of 2019 was the award of Valedictorian for Alexis Ghormley and Salutatorian for Areli Ibarra.

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MHS seniors receive scholarships


Multiple Madisonville High School seniors were recognized with awards and scholarships from local businesses at the school’s auditorium on Thursday evening. Among the prestigious recognition given to the Class of 2019 was the award of Valedictorian for Alexis Ghormley and Salutatorian for Areli Ibarra.

Other awards presented to the senior class on Thursday:

Woodman of the World U.S. History Award: Diana Rodriguez; USMC Semper Fidelis Award: Ashlyn Johnson, Edwardo DelaTrinidad Vera; USMC Scholastic Excellence: Alexis Ghormley, Asa Surface; USMC Distinguished Athlete: Garlanesha Hickman-Gilbert, Marcus Dorman


Louise Knight Memorial Scholarship: Jake Risinger, Will Viser, Destini Byrd, Cody Cole, Carson Fraley, Alexis Ghormley, Lyndie Dunn; The Bank of Madisonville Scholarship: Brandon Larson; Opal Samuel Memorial Scholarship: Gabriel Coleman, Alexandro Alvarez, Shelby Lane, Will Viser, Carson Fraley, Jordan Baker, Jake Risinger

Madisonville Sidewalk Cattleman’s Association Scholarship: Max Allen, Bryce Roundtree, Madison Counsil, Emily Alvarado, Cameron Carroll, Alexis Ghormley, Mitzi Holiday, Areli Ibarra, Kendal Kilcrease, Emilie Blakley, Cheyanne Snook, Garrett Johnson, Carson Fraley, Emily Sanford, Lyndie Dunn

Harold Scott Science Scholarship: Jake Risinger; Madison County Fair Association Scholarship: Dylan Stobaugh, Emilie Blakley, Cody Cole, Madison Counsil, Alexis Ghormley, Emily Sanford; William Adam Chrane Memorial Scholarship: Ann Chrane

Madisonville CISD Education Foundation - Marie Barrett Scholarship: Max Allen, Cheyanne Snook, Shelby Lane, Emilie Blakley, Blake Georg, Alexandro Alvarez, Alan Torres, Destini Byrd, Will Viser, Madison Counsil, Jake Risinger, Lyndie Dunn, Emily Alvarado, Cody Cole, Emily Sanford

Sunshine Outreach Center Scholarship: Edwardo Camarena, Ty Rogers, Gabriel Coleman; Madison County Rancher’s Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley, Max Allen, Bryce Roundtree, Blake Georg, Jordan Baker, Wyatt Zehnder, Cheyanne Snook, Emily Alvarado, Marcus Dorman, Madison Counsil, Helena Dean, Cody Cole

Madison County Retired School Personnel Scholarship: Shelby Lane; Natalie Minze Townsend and Chris Townsend Scholarship: Areli Ibarra; Henson Family Dealership/Ford FFA: Alexis Ghormley, Cody Cole; Woodmen of the World: Ty Rogers, Madison Counsil, Jake Risinger; Darrell and Sandra Standley Oak Ridge Country Club Memorial Scholarship: Cody Cole

Texas Youth Ranch Rodeo Association Scholarship: Lyndie Dunn, Alexis Ghormley; Vietnam Veterans of America Scholarship: Jake Risinger; Hope for Youth Scholarship: Bryce Roundtree; Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley; Alpha Mu Chi - Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship: Jake Risinger

Rosie Lee Jordan Memorial Scholarship: Areli Ibarra; Madison County Chamber of Commerce: Gabriela Garcia, Brandon Larson; Madisonville High School Class of 1954 Scholarship: Cody Cole; Lockie P. Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Cody Cole; Matthew 9:12 First Responders Scholarship: Areli Ibarra; Seth Broesche Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley, Grace Jackson

Lenora Mitchell-Byrd Memorial Scholarship: Keilaya Crittendon; Madisonville Noon Lion’s Club Scholarship: Gabriela Garcia, Averie Sims; MidSouth Synergy Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley, Daniel Young, Jordan Baker, Emilie Blakley, Cody Cole; First United Methodist Church Scholarship: Madison Counsil, Bryce Roundtree, Max Allen; NAACP Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley; Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Stevens Memorial Scholarship: Brandon Larson, Cody Cole

Madison County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Cameron Carroll, Jordan Baker, Kassandra Hernandez, Daniel Young, Dylan Stobaugh, Alexis Ghormley, Areli Ibarra, Gabriela Garcia, Madison Counsil; Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley; Monroe P. And Mary E. Campbell Memorial Scholarship: Emilie Blakley; Veteran of War Eugene Jones Post #1907 Grant: Brandon Larson; James Samuel Byrd Memorial Scholarship: Destini Byrd

Madisonville Little League Scholarship: Emilie Blakley, Jake Risinger; In Honor of Jane Colwell Scholarship: Shelby Lane; Texas High School Rodeo Association: Alexis Ghormley, Blake Georg, Grace Jackson, Lyndie Dunn; Texas High School Rodeo Association Region IX Scholarship: Blake Georg, Alexis Ghormley, Grace Jackson; Sueing Legacy Scholarship: Uriel Willis

Bedias Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Scott Lyles, Areli Ibarra; Madisonville Area Revitalization Initiative (MARI): Gabriela Garcia, Wyatt Zehnder; Houston County Electric Coop, Dorothy Goodrum Scholarship: Blake Georg; Madisonville Colored/Marian Anderson Ex-Students Scholarship: Destini Byrd, Mitzi Holiday, Uriel Willis

First Baptist Church: Shelby Lane, Jake Risinger, Jordan Baker, Madison Counsil, Cody Cole, Carson Fraley, Will Viser; Madisonville St. Joseph Health Center Auxiliary Scholarship: Kassandra Hernandez; Chris Heath “Roping for Hoot” Memorial Scholarship: Bryce Roundtree, Blake Georg, Jordan Baker; Madison County Arts Council Scholarship: Taylor Thompson; James D. Vinson Memorial Scholarship: Shelby Lane; Texas Xi Alpha Epsilon Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship: Dylan Stobaugh

Madisonville Alumni Association Scholarship: Bryce Roundtree, Jordan Baker, Will Viser, Cody Cole, Cheyanne Snook; Sunny Clouser Memorial Scholarship: Shelby Lane; Thelma Risinger Memorial Scholarship: Jake Risinger; Jimmy Wells Agricultural Memorial Scholarship: Blake Georg; Cain Legal/Public Service Scholarship: Jordan Baker, Gabriela Garcia, Cody Cole, Carson Fraley; Marvin York (M.Y.) Vick Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Hinojosa; Gladys Heath Vick Memorial Scholarship: Garrett Johnson; ACU Merit: Daniel Young; Texas Mushroom Festival Scholarship: Madison Gravitt

Texas FFA Ford Leadership Scholars: Alexis Ghormley, Madison Counsil; San Antonio Ag Mechanics Scholarship: Edwardo Camarena, Gabriel Coleman; MHS Band Scholarship: Eduardo DelaTrinidad, Citalli Rodriguez, Ashlyn Johnson, Shelby Lane, Ann Chrane, Natalie Hinojosa, Areli Ibarra; Madisonville Project Graduation Scholarship: Gabriel Coleman, Charlotte McQueen; Lera Hawkins Memorial Scholarship: Averie Sims; Louise Hatcher Math Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Hinojosa, Bryan Gomez Garcia; Texas Farm Bureau - FCCLA Scholarship: Areli Ibarra; Madisonville Meteor Scholarship: Will Viser

Educational Tuesday Scholarship: Caitlin Cladera, Ashlyn Johnson, Alan Torres; National Honors Society Scholarship and Book Award: Jake Risinger, Areli Ibarra; Ted O. And Irma Hinds Laws Memorial Scholarship: Charlotte McQueen, Garrett Johnson; Madisonville Funeral Home Scholarship: Kealora Scott, Mitzi Holiday; Durham School Services Scholarship: Bryce Roundtree, Areli Ibarra, Charlotte McQueen; National Beta Club Scholarship and Book Award: Areli Ibarra, Helena Dean; R.V. Ford Memorial Scholarship: Averie Sims; Alpha Delta Kappa-Epsilon Gamma Chapter Scholarship: Shelby Lane, Chloe Olvera

Imagine America Scholarship: Gabriel Coleman, Emily Sanford, Marcos Lopez, Edwardo Camarena, Desmond Walls; MHS Class of 1958 Scholarship: Alexis Ghormley; FUMC Men’s Friendly Bible Class/Bob Jones Memorial Scholarship: Max Allen; Madison County Gun and Archery Club, Buck Bailey Memorial Scholarship: Ty Rogers; Lural and Wvonne McCloud Memorial Scholarship: Bryan Gomez Sanchez; Woody’s Smokehouse: Gabriela Garcia

Lena Campbell Mathis Educational Scholarship: Kennedy Bryant, Camise Curtis, Alondra Lopez, Averie Sims, Jovanny Thompson; Bobette Heaton Memorial Scholarship: Cody Cole, Madison Gravitt; Madisonville Undesignated Scholarship: Gage Smith

All award and scholarship pictures from the event can be found on the Madisonville Meteor Facebook page.