Midway council discusses electric meters


MIDWAY - Entergy representative Ronnie Hale discussed the company's move to smart meters at the Midway City Council meeting on Jan. 29.

"We (Entergy) are one of the last companies to make the switch to smart meters," he said. "They are good for both the company and the consumer. We wanted to make sure that we had all the proper infrastructure before we made the switch."

Council member Brenda Ford raised concerns that the new smart meters would cost people jobs, because the new meter do not require a meter reader.

Hale said he understood her concern, but explained that the company needs be as efficient as possible to save the consumer money. He also announced his retirement, and introduced his replacement, Tracie Diehl.

In a separate matter, Mayor Tony Leago introduced a two-year plan to improve the city. The plans included ways to beautify the city, improve infrastructure and entice business to work in Midway. The council approved the plan.

"This plan is not set in stone, but it is more of a living document. We can adjust it to fit the city as we need." Leago said.

The council also approved a measure to purchase a prepaid cellphone for after-hour emergencies. The city's phone would be rerouted to the cellphone after City Hall closes, so officials can be easily notified.

Midway also will be partnering with GrantWorks to help build homes for people with houses in substandard conditions. GrantWorks has conditions for the new homes, but will be building four new homes free of cost to individuals in need.

More information on the program can be found at Midway City Hall.