MPD adds to the force


New year, and new faces for the Madisonville Police Department.

Hometown native Max Wilson is now patrolling the streets of his city, fulfilling a longtime dream of being a police officer.

Wilson said he has been on patrol for about three weeks now, starting officially on Dec. 11, 2017.

Previously, he spent August through December in a training academy.

The 21-year-old MHS graduate said being a police officer is all he’s wanted to do.

“I feel I’ve been called to do this,” he said. “I had a cousin that worked for College Station Police Department as a detective, and that inspired me to pursue this.”

Wilson wants to be a positive influence in his community.

“This is where I’m from,” he said. “I just want to help people.”

He also said the time on the job has been interesting, from clearing buildings, patrolling streets and making numerous traffic stops, to even finding a fugitive hiding in a bathroom under a pile of dirty clothes.

“Every day is something new,” Wilson said. “I’m enjoying it. It’s everything I thought it would be.”

The training period will last about three months, he said, and from there he hits the streets alone.

“For now, I’d like to get the patrol portion down, and from there I’ll explore other things,” he said.