Mustang lifters continue success


The Madisonville Powerlifting team traveled to Tarkington on Thursday and finished with another strong performance while improving their weight totals in hopes of qualifying for the regional championship in Malakoff on March 9.


First Place: Corban Rodriguez, 220-pound wt class, 1,490 pounds

Second Place: Micheil Harrell, 220-pound wt class, 1,255 pounds

Second Place: Desmond Walls, 148-pound wt class, 1,000 pounds

Third Place: Asa Surface, 181-pound wt class, 1,045 pounds

Fourth Place: Ethan Williams, 220-pound wt class, 1,145 pounds

Matthew Eason, 165-pound wt class, 835 pounds

Patrick Brazzell, 165-pound wt class, 885 pounds

Cade Colwell, 198-pound wt class, 945 pounds

Tim Swonke, 220-pound wt class, 960 pounds

Sam Stevenson, 220-pound wt class, 790 pounds

Al Angeles, 275-pound wt class, 1,075 pounds

The Mustang Powerlifters will gather in Waller for their last meet before the qualifier on Feb. 21. Weekly results can be viewed at