Mustangs march to Disney


The Madisonville Mighty Mustang Band will take a trip to Florida and Disney World for a week this summer after they were accepted to perform in a parade through a video application.

“This is quite an honor because Disney is very picky on who they allow play in their parks,” said Madisonville band director Stephanie Schmidt. “Only one or two bands play per day and we were one of the organizations chosen out of thousands of applicants.”

It is not out of the ordinary for the band to travel, as they try and have a big trip every year or so. There will be about 75 kids going and they have all been tasked with raising $1,400 each since May in preparation for an event like this all while seeking potential sponsors for the journey.

The band is accepting donations for their trip while preparing to take busses and stay on Disney property to save as much funds as possible. Because they will spend much of the week traveling, the Mustang band will be in Disney for about three days total.

“Since we have other things to focus on first, we haven’t decided what music we will play yet during the Disney parade,” said Schmidt. “But for us to march down Main Street is something a lot of organizations wish they had the chance to do and we can’t wait.”

The Mustangs were selected for this prestigious position after the submission of their UIL Area contest performance last year. To assist the band with funds for their trip, contact Stephanie Schmidt or send to Madisonville High School P.O. box 879. The final date of fundraising will be May 8.