New beginnings always are hopeful


Here we are at the start of another year. The old guy tottered off, and the baby is a couple of days old.

If you’re like me, you look forward to a new year with promise, feeling that the last year was such a problem and this year will BY GOD be better.

It boils down to one word: Hope.

Not hope that I will actually keep any of the resolutions that I make, because I really don’t make any, but hope that the things that concern me will take a turn for the better.

Things like driving. At some point, I think that the drivers in the Brazos Valley forgot that they’re supposed to drive defensively, instead thinking that the best defense is a good offense. Driving the 45 minutes home can be so tiring, not because of the length of time, but from the concentration it takes. I usually use long drives to unwind. Now it’s the opposite.

Or kids. I love my kids to the moon and back, but find as they get older either they or I get more uncooperative and moody. I keep wishing that the “ah HAH” moment happens and they understand where us old fogies come from.

Then there’s work. I love my job, and I understand the need to keep food on the table and lights on and a roof over my head, but if I ever meet the guy who decided we all had to work for a living, I might just pop him in the forehead. But one of these days, I’ll actually take a real vacation. That, and I also want to see the media remember what it does best and does it.

Follow that with family, and my hope they will see —truly see — that I really do work hard for them.

Also, health. I really hope that I get through another year without too much trouble.

There’s always political discourse, too. I really, really, really wish that we would stop the “shoot first, talk about it later” style of discussions that populate government and social media about government. This gets us nowhere. Let’s pretend we’re adults, why don’t we?

Mostly, I hope everyone is healthy, happy and living their dream.

•This week’s Headline of Note comes from that vaunted bastion of liberalism,, who tells us in a grab from the Today Show “How the former royal chef got young Harry & William to eat their veggies.”

Here is another example of how I really don’t care. People will eat what they want to, especially children; it isn’t really a matter of national interest what other people eat, especially people who live in a country where cooking really doesn’t have a good reputation.

Add to that the fact that these kids are part of a royal family, which is anathema to what we are here in the U.S., and we end up with a larger version of Oh, My God, Who Cares?

For a national media to spend time on something this ridiculous, is it really any wonder why they are so hated and distrusted?

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.