New way to serve the Word


Most Sundays, you’d find Wade Phillips praising the Lord and shepherding the flock at Madisonville Christian Fellowship.

The pastor, singer/songwriter and community leader led many people to do the Lord’s work in his time at MCF.

However, Phillips said he has been tasked to take his ministry in a different direction — still serving the Word, but delivering it in a different way and to a larger area and audience with 3in1 Ministries.

“I’ll be going out on the weekends to different churches, preaching, singing as an evangelist,” he said. “It’s evangelism, music and service. A big part will be singing. I can bring the message and music combined.”

Wade also will be touring with Richard Mabry and His Music Ministry on the Love America Tour.

Phillips said he and his wife, Tonya, took an enormous leap of faith.

“This is the right move for us, to make a change,” he said. “The church is healthy and growing, and we’re still members and will be going out under their umbrella as missionaries. This ministry idea came together in a week.”

The move came about, Wade said, because health issues combined with the stress of being a full-time pastor of a church were becoming a problem. During that time, there was a song Wade had written that was getting some recognition, actually making No. 4 on national country/gospel charts, which opened up some other opportunities, and after months of prayer, the Phillipses started their new ministry.

“My original thought was to get a job and sing when I could, but this became more than that,” Wade said. “God said, ‘You can reach thousands of people. You have the ability to share through song, you have the ability to preach revivals, you can do all those things and not take on the responsibilities of buildings and budgets and full-on pastorships.’”

Wade said he has been making decisions for others for 15 years, now it was time to make a decision that not only was best for his family, but what I felt God was leading him to.

“I’m not running off from Madisonville,” he said. “I plan on being part of the church when I’m here, and I’ll here during the week a lot. I’ll still help with the Mushroom Festival, the Fourth of July, National Night Out. I’m never going to stop being a minister in this town. I’m just not pastoring MCF.”

Wade said that he has received a lot of positive feedback on the change.

“It’s something we’ve received nothing but encouragement for, from the people of the church and the town,” he said. “The Bible says to go, and I feel it’s time to go out and share the Gospel with thousands.”

Wade said that part of the plan, should he be able to gin up the support, is to assist churches in the area devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

“It’ll be nice to go into those churches down there, do three- or four-night revivals, help them with love, encouragement and help build the churches back up,” he said. “That’s a part of the mission.”

For those interested, will provide the information necessary.

“I feel like Abraham. I feel like God said, “Go,” but hasn’t told me where yet,” Wade said. “I don’t know where this is going to end up; Abraham knew he had a promised land coming, but he didn’t know where. But he picked up his stuff and went, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m answering God’s call.”