New year sees old problems


Another new year, another example of the old, tired game being played out in Washington with our liberties as pawns.

On Monday, President Barack Obama signed a series of executive actions that imposes new background checks, including for guns bought online or at gun shows.

It also allows the archaic Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to classify whomsoever it pleases as a dealer.

Of course, we heard the bluster from the entrenched bureaucrats, who claim “overreach” and “will not stand for it” and “subverting the Legislative branch” and blah blah blah.

If it seems that I’m discourteous, or to be even more blunt, disgusted, it’s because yet again we’ve allowed one man — one — to determine his own scope of power and to enact rules which further restrict our liberties.

I’m even more disgusted that the news media, and the people of this country, are sitting back and simply allowing this charade to be played out.

Here’s my predictions: The rules will be unchallenged; the Republican majority in Congress will bloviate but do nothing; the GOP, the NRA, and whatever alphabet that seems to be the whipping post du jour will be demonized by people who can’t understand things like inanimate objects cannot be responsible for deaths.

And to go further, there will be plenty of mention of the current spate of gun violence, and at no time in any of the so-called debate over the issue will the perpetrators of heinous deeds be called out for their behavior.

And it disgusts me.

It disgusts me that it’s OK to punish the innocent for the crimes of others.

It disgusts me that my government refuses to represent my interests; instead, it has become a self-perpetuating power magnet.

It disgusts me that the principles in our founding document have been warped and twisted in tortuous logic to help a few hundred people run roughshod over 300 million.

It also disgusts me that we don’t put a stop to it.

We are at the boiling point, us frogs. The water has been turned up slowly for decades, and we’ve lost more and more while the powers that be have gained.

We still have the mechanisms to stop it. Get out and get involved. Get mad, get a candidate, or become a candidate, and make change. Make yourself heard.

As I see it, we either push back, or lay down.