Newspapers best for local news


In praise of our local newspapers: We read a recent editorial on the decline of local and regional newspapers across the country.

We can easily get our news fix from the internet or television and various social media for the “Big” stories. In fact, we are often better informed about what is happening in Washington, D.C., London, or Bagdad than we are about Anderson, Huntsville, Madisonville or Navasota.

We need to know about our local communities, this is where we live and breathe; these are our neighbors, our friends and those to whom we can turn in time of crises.

Read and support the Navasota Examiner, the Madisonville Meteor and the Huntsville Item. This is where we will learn about the county fair, local and county government, the Juneteenth Parades, what programs the library is offer this week, exciting activities offered by our civic organizations and much more. This is where you will see a picture of your kids playing at a local picnic, this is where you can write a letter to the editor and fully expect that your opinions will be heard and shared with your neighbors.

Buy a paper, read about your neighbors, participate in our community activities, help to shape our local governments to meet our needs and aspirations. Our local newspapers are our best connection to all of this and more.

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