North Zulch board discusses school safety


A small sample of North Zulch residents believe that the school district is safe but should place more emphasis on meaningful and relevant education, a consultant told the school board last week.

Just 40 people responded to the survey, administered by former College Station ISD Superintendent Eddie Coulson.

It was available online and distributed by mail.

Board member Beth Wilson expressed concern about the lack of response, but that could actually be a good sign, Coulson told the board.

“It might mean that people don’t have a lot to say about North Zulch because they’re satisfied,” Coulson said. “Certainly, ideally, you would want more [respondents]. It’s a piece of the puzzle. It’s not the puzzle.”

He emphasized “meaningful and relevant education.”

“One of the challenges of being a teacher in 2016 is how can I teach algebra or English II and make it meaningful and relevant?” Coulson said. “All roads lead to meaning and relevance. It’s not always been that way. What we’ve determined is that doing well on assessments is not a guarantee for success.”

Increasing academic achievement and improving teacher quality and retention were identified as priorities.

“We know from research that student interest is really critical to get them engaged,” Coulson said.

He also recommended a focus on workforce and college readiness and focus on establishing curriculum through activities, assessments and instruction.

“North Zulch is a good place,” Coulson said. “People feel good about being here. It’s a safe place. Kids, families and adults feel safe in North Zulch.”