NZ school board incumbents unseated


UPDATE, 9:09 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8

Michael Crocker declared winner of North Zulch ISD School Board Position 6; his father Mike Crocker captures NZISD Position 7 with 54 percent of the vote.

North Zulch School Board Position 6

Michael Crocker  248 votes  

Georgia Stark (incumbent)  238 votes  

Greg Landry  167 votes  

North Zulch School Board Position 7

Mike Crocker  351 votes  54 percent

Beth Wilson (incumbent)  304 votes  46 percent

More than 2,600 early ballots already had been cast as voters headed to the polls in Madison County on Tuesday morning.

“We’ve got lines,” Elections Administrator Earl Parker said just before 9 a.m. Tuesday. “They’re not long lines, but they’re lines.”

The Meteor went to press at 4 p.m. on Tuesday and was unable to publish election results in the print edition, but local, state and national results are up to date on The Meteor Facebook page and at

There are roughly 7,200 registered voters in Madison County, and about 4,100 cast ballots in the last presidential election.

The community was poised to upset that record, as early voting tallies showed 2,141 ballots cast in Madisonville, 487 in North Zulch and 240 mail ballots.

While “a couple of technical problems” had been reported during the early voting period, Parker said all problems were promptly addressed and there were no major glitches or equipment malfunctions.

The current voting machines have been in use since 2006, and signs were posted in the voting booths to instruct voters on how to use them.

“We’re telling voters to check the summary sheet and if there are any problems to notify us,” Parker said.

In addition to the U.S. president’s race, several other items appear on this year’s ballot including U.S. representative, railroad commissioner, Supreme Court justices, Court of Criminal Appeals, state Board of Education, state representative, district judge, sheriff, tax assessor-collector, county commissioners, constables and three North Zulch school board seats.

Charles Drake Jr., the North Zulch board’s current president, is running unopposed for Position 2. Greg Landry, Michael Crocker and incumbent Georgia Stark are seeking Position 6. Mike Crocker and incumbent Beth Wilson are on the ballot for Position 7.

Ballots were tabulated on election night in room 120 of the Madison County Courthouse. No one was allowed to be present other than election officials. A candidate could opt to have an observer present, but paperwork had to be filled out in advance. A public event was held at the Truman Kimbro Center for those anticipating real-time election results.