NZ School Board president resigns


NORTH ZULCH — Charles Drake, the president of NZISD school board, resigned on Thursday at the regular school board meeting.

Drake has served on the school board for 20 years. The other members of the board gave Mr. Drake a memento for him as he left — a placard with a gavel.

Drake gave an impromptu speech for the board members and attendees. He joked saying, “I joined the school board to keep my children out of trouble, but that didn’t work.”

He spoke about the love he has for the community, and hopes to see “North Zulch ISD become the jewel of Highway 21.”

The board also took time to acknowledge excellent students and staff. The board recognized Emberson Raimer as the primary school student that showed distinction both in and out of the class room. Aniassa Parmer was the secondary school student that was honored for her excellence.

Blair Dozier was the educator that the board awarded with a certificate for an outstanding commitment to North Zulch ISD.

Harold Sapp, transportation/maintenance director, was the staff member that was award for exceptional work. He was unable to accept the honor in person, because of a sudden death in the family.

Johan Osth, assistant principal, explained that, “Mr. Sapp is the first person to call when you need help, because his answer is always, ‘Yep I’ll be right there.’”

The board had an independent financial audit, and the report stated, “Unmodified Opinion,” the highest grade. The school district’s actual expenses were below the budgeted amount, and their revenue exceeded predictions.

Principal Kendall Todd reported that student attendance has been slumping the last few months. He said this is to be expected during the holidays, because students get sick and leave early for holidays. The School plans on creating an incentive based program to increase attendance.

NZISD will be renegotiating contracts with UniFirst, a supply company. The original contract was for uniforms, but the school district realized this was not necessary.

The contract will be expensive to break, so the district is looking to change the product they purchase from UniFirst.