NZISD lowers tax rate


The North Zulch Independent School District announced that district taxes will be lowered by just over seven cents this year. It is the third straight year NZISD has lowered their tax rate, totaling a decrease of over 17 cents.

“It is kind of the way it fell and set up for the school,” said Superintendent Alan Andrus, who has held the position since May of 2017. “It has turned out to be something that is good for our taxpayers because not a lot of school districts across the state can say that they have had that kind of relief. It is good for our taxpayers, especially with the increase in property values.”

NZISD used a bond to help them lower the figures in the first two years under Andrus. Local taxpayers received more relief this year when the state compressed the M&O tax rate.

The board held a special meeting on Monday morning to consider possible legal action to obtain funds to repair property damage on two of the district’s roofs. The roofs were damaged by storms during the spring.

The district’s insurance company is the Texas Rural Education Association (TREA). Monday’s special meeting regarded possible legal action to obtain the funds to repair the damage. The board accepted legal assistance to potentially pursue action, but no official lawsuits have been announced.

During Thursday’s regular meeting of the board for August, NZISD approved a policy update regarding their new innovation status. The district officially passed a resolution to become a District of Innovation at their monthly meeting for March.

“Since we are a smaller district, the class size ratio and how to address that was one of the big things that we looked at,” said Janie Pope, North Zulch Elementary principal and a member of the school’s District of Innovation committee, after the resolution was passed in March. “We will also have more control over the calendar, which will have a more even number of days between both semesters. This was a deciding factor because we wanted to add more days of instruction in the first semester.”

The new status allowed the district to start the new semester much earlier than they have in recent years. NZISD students returned to the classroom on Wednesday.