NZISD makes campus upgrades


North Zulch ISD has added a number of technological upgrades to their campus and operations in order to improve the quality atmosphere of education for students involved but also their safety.

“We are adding what you call IP base speakers at the elementary in order to better communicate between classrooms,” said NZISD Technology Director Steve Stone. “They look like the normal speakers we had before, but our front office will now be able to communicate with each room.”

The high school and elementary are currently on two separate systems, but they are working to tie it all together so the campus can be addressed as one big group. They are working to get the system in the hallways as well.

“In case of some sort of emergency, we can do an all call,” said Stone. “We can contact the whole building at the same time or individual classrooms. It is a lot like a telephone, not too complicated.”

NZISD is also looking to make the process easier for substitute teachers in their district with the addition of the Subzz phone application. The app will allow teachers to put in for leave right from their phones without any paperwork. Upon doing this, substitutes will receive notifications for the opening and signing up will be on a first come, first serve basis.

“Instead of getting called by us in the morning, the software will send out a text to our subs,” said Stone. “Then they can go to a web portal and sign up. It is whoever gets there first, so it will never appear as if we are giving one sub more work than another.”

NZISD trained their new subs on the application last week and is ready to incorporate it into their daily business.

Lastly, NZISD incorporated the Rave application to bolster their safety standards on campus. On the push of a button, staff can activate a call to the police. This can be used for a number of emergencies as well as a way for teachers to stay in constant contact with administration.

“Teachers do not have to worry about making a call now,” said Stone. “They can just hit a specific emergency in the app and law enforcement can respond quicker.”