PD seeks information on burglaries


The Madisonville Police Department is looking for help from the community in solving a spate of burglaries that have plagued the area over the last few months.

Police Chief Herbert Gilbert said the burglaries have been occurring overnight for the last three months.

“There are random around town regarding home burglaries, but are concentrated on commercial properties in the downtown and May Street area,” he said.

Gilbert said there may be a certain group, possibly from out of town, which are hitting the businesses in Madisonville.

“We’ve had 29 different burglaries in the past three months — July, August, September and the first part of October,” he said. “I would say this is significantly more than last year. It is raising concerns.

“The Kawasaki dealership has been hit twice recently,” Gilbert said. “They’re after chainsaws and things of that nature.”

He said that area residents and business owners should be vigilant, and anyone who sees anything should make an anonymous call either to the PD or to Crime Stoppers.

“If you see something suspicious, or vehicles backed up in the middle of the night that aren’t supposed to be, if someone is walking around a business they know is closed, we need to know,” he said.

While the department is doing what it can, including extra patrols on the affected areas, Gilbert said that homeowners and business owners should help themselves, as well, by following common sense ideas, such as additional exterior lighting, alarm installation and using locks.

“A dog in a fenced area is a pretty good deterrent, too,” he said.