PD to focus on burglaries


Crime statistics for the city in 2017 remained relatively the same over the previous year, according to statistics compiled by the Madisonville Police Department.

Overall, total calls for service were 2,675 in 2017, down from 2,696 for 2016.

MPD Chief Herbert Gilbert said the stats show crime was consistent from year to year.

The statistics show that assaults dropped from 77 to 65 calls, thefts dropped from 127 to 111, and domestic violence cases dipped from 44 to 32.

Possession of drugs and paraphernalia dropped significantly, from 22 to 12 cases, according to the statistics.

“We have to give credit to what the officers are doing out in the streets, the additional visibility, developing an investigations division and increasing the staff and patrols,” Gilbert said.

Because of a slight increase in burglaries — 135 in 2016 to 219 in 2017, from buildings, residences and vehicles — the department had put extra emphasis on those crimes, Gilbert said.

“We focused on the burglaries in the last year,” he said. “Real violent crimes will happen, because of human nature, but we do work on burglaries to keep people’s homes safe.”

Accidents were up from 180 to 197, statistics show.

“Accidents are up because of increased traffic on 45, 21 and 90,” Gilbert said. “Those are the main thoroughfares in town. People need to pay attention.”

Another key figure is citations: in 2016, officers wrote 2,974 citations, and in 2017, 2,191.

“My officers have bought in to what we need to do, and they’re out there working,” Gilbert said.