Piecing together our lives a challenge


Isn't it great to know that God loves us? I bet lot people just read that and scoffed at the thought that God loves you. Why? Because your comparing God to the desires of your heart and not to what God wants for you.

We are all looking for that magical thing that will complete us. Most of us say if I only had this or that I would be happy.

Life is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle pieces started coming together as we were born. Parents started you and helped start your journey in this great task of your life puzzle. We grew older and as teens we found out that some pieces do not fit regardless of what our parents said. We sometimes come away with the attitude of what do they know about my puzzle? This is my puzzle.

Life begins as we struggle with life's puzzle. Through trial and error we almost have completed our life puzzle. We find ourselves looking at those empty pieces and we try sticking different solutions but nothing seems to work. We keep on doing what has never worked before over and over.

We started this out about knowing God loves us, but do we?

I ask you to take a step back and look at your life puzzle. Some time we can't see the forest for the trees. Now look close at the shape of the last piece. Yep it looks like a cross. Now it's time to understand how much God loves you. That cross represents his love for you. Insert Jesus Christ and your life puzzle will be complete. Now you too can know God loves you.

I encourage you to find a Bible believing church. Don't have one? I want to invite you to Cornerstone Bible Church where life puzzles are always welcome.

Jerry Huff is a pastor with Cornerstone Bible Church.