Possible identity theft probed


The Madisonville Police Department is investigating the use of credit card skimmer devices that were found in at least two locations in the city.

Police Chief Herbert Gilbert said the devices were found in gas station pumps — the first one was found on May 10 at the Shell Station at 3001 E. Main St., and two were found June 2 at the Exxon Station at 2905 E. Main St.

Gilbert said the department does not have any suspects at this time.

The devices were discovered by respective station owners owners during routine checks on the pumps, he said.

However, for the average consumer, determining if a pump has been tampered with is extremely difficult.

“The skimmers that we have found, it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s in the pump or not,” Gilbert said. “Just looking at it, nobody knows.”

He said that customers can examine the card slots for things that look wrong or different, but ultimately, the best safety net for instances like this is to monitor bank statements regularly.

“The banks normally will take care of the issue,” he said. “I can’t say enough about checking your bank account daily.”

Gilbert said after the first two devices were discovered, he sent officers to the other vendors to be aware of this crime and to check their pumps regularly for these devices.

“All customers should be checking their bank accounts regularly for fraudulent charges,” he said.