Prayer vigil honors community


The power of prayer was on display on Thursday, as resident and pastors of the area came together in spirit and song at the annual Community Prayer Vigil.

Firefighters, emergency medical personnel, veterans and active duty military members, school and hospital officials, and the leaders of the city, county and nation were all blessed by pastors and laymen alike.

Organizer Ed Collins, pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, said it was a great night.

“This is how a community should come together,” Collins said. “Prayer engages everyone in the Lord. We have to display that in our actions; by doing that, we can teach our children.”

Collins said Madisonville can be the example that will lead the nation into God’s service, and begin healing the country.

Madisonville Mayor Bill Partin said that if the city and its residents work together, there is no limit to its accomplishments, and offered a prayer blessing city residents. City Manager Camilla Viator said that prayers were needed for the city, and expressed her appreciation to the attendees.

Midway Mayor Tony Leago said he was glad for the occasion.

“The righteous need to pray,” he said. “For us to get something to happen in Washington, in has to happen here. It’s communities like this that will make a difference.”

Area pastors and county and school district representatives offered prayers for children, for the institution of marriage and for the pastors themselves, exhorting them to take the message far and wide.

Collins lamented about the lack of young people attending, and said the vigil needs to be about them as well.

In closing, Lanier Stevens said prayer builds a relationship with Jesus Christ, helps block temptation, and helps determine God’s will in life.