Prosperity Bank supplies brand new scoreboards


Two of the Little League baseball fields at Lake Madison Park have undergone game-changing upgrades.

Baseball fields two and three now feature new scoreboards generously donated by Prosperity Bank for a total cost of $14,000.

“It started off by just asking if they’d be willing to chip in and make a minor donation,” said Jason Neal, president of the Madisonville Little League. “We were originally thinking we’d need to find two sponsors to help out with each scoreboard.”

When Neal approached Prosperity Bank branch manager Tammy Hoke to ask for a donation, he gave them the estimate of the total price. To Neal’s surprise, the bank informed him later that day that they would provide the funds for both of them by themselves.

“Prosperity Bank has been a longtime supporter of community activates such as baseball and softball,” said Hoke. “We’re pleased and honored to be able to donate these scoreboards to the league.”

Baseball fields two and three are the oldest fields in the park and received a much-needed makeover with the upgrade.

“Those were the only fields in the entire parks that did not have scoreboards,” said Neal. “That age group is 6, 7 and 8.”

When you drive through the park, you will see a total of eight scoreboards. Each is sponsored by Prosperity with the exception of the first three, which feature the Coca-Cola logo. However, the league’s contract with the soda company has expired and Neal hasn’t ruled out replacing them in the future.

“We could definitely work with Prosperity again if they were interested,” said Neal. “We could also open it up to someone else if they’re interested in doing something with those three scoreboards.”

Neal knows the importance of having a scoreboard for his players to watch during the game. Every Madisonville Little Leaguer will now be able to check their score in the middle of the game with the exception of tee-ball.

“It all ultimately goes back to the kids and having nice facilities,” said Neal. “It’s a lot more fun for them when there’s a scoreboard just because it gives the kids something to help keep up with the game.”

The initialization of the scoreboard was only the beginning. There still needs to be a trench for all of the wires to run through before it can be ready for game day. This will be accomplished with the help of Brock Construction and the inmates from the Ferguson Unit.

The Madisonville Little League season will start in the beginning of April but registration will take place in February. There is also a fall ball season, which runs from September through October.

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