Prosperity selects students for Junior Board program


W. C. Bennett, President of the Madisonville Banking Center of Prosperity Bank, recently announced the formation of a Junior Board of Directors for the 2011-2012 school year. The board consists of 14 high school seniors – 11 from Madisonville High School and three from North Zulch High School.

“We are especially excited to be celebrating our 18th year with our Junior Board program,” Bennett said.

Students at both high schools were asked to apply to become a member of the Junior Board. They then were interviewed by employees from the bank. The criteria for being selected included high academic standing, leadership potential, school recommendations and a willingness and desire to excel.   

“This program is designed to serve as an educational experience for these outstanding seniors, as well as offer bank management an opportunity to obtain new ideas about how to better serve the needs of the young members of our community,” Bennett said. “These outstanding seniors will spend nine months learning about their community. Because today’s high school students receive so much from their communities, the board objectives include teaching about the need for young people to develop a giving attitude. The board will schedule several community service projects for the year.”

Additionally, monthly meetings are designed to offer students an in-depth look at commercial banking, along with more general programs about compensation, career opportunities and banking regulations. Kathy Marsh, Bank Officer, assists with the monthly meetings. Bank officers and other community business leaders present programs throughout the year in their various fields of expertise. 

During the program, bank personnel provide only hypothetical customer information, i.e., all actual costumer information remains confidential.

The board organized and elected officers at its October meeting.  Officers were elected as follows:

President – Robert Clever, son of Bob and Teresa Clever;

Vice President – Payton Standley, daughter of Lynn Standley;

Secretary – Rebecca Lazenby, daughter of Ronald and Leslie Lazenby.

Other junior board members include, from Madisonville High School: Kari Agudelo, daughter of Harold and Jeanne Agudelo; Shelby Arnold, daughter of Tim and Dawn Arnold; Anna Bailey, daughter of David and Stephanie Bailey; Griffin Knight, daughter of Roger and Dawn Knight; Payton Lindsey, son of Bradley and Mary Lindsey; Kaley Morgan, daughter of Greg and Rhonda Morgan; Jorge Muñoz, son of Juan and Guillermina Muñoz; Hugo Sanchez, son of Sergio and Juanita Sanchez; and Conley Sims, son of Russ and Kyle Sims.

And from North Zulch High School: Eric Billings, son of Eric Billings and Dottie Varnell; Katie Gilbert, daughter of Nathan and Tammy Gilbert.

Bennett stated that all the new junior board members, and certainly all of the bank employees, are looking forward to both a learning experience and a lot of fun.