’Round Town


Hats off to all of the men in our county who hooked up their boats and traveled to Houston to help pluck people from the water and the roof tops. Also to those who set up cooking areas and fed the hungry and those who handed out cooler after cooler bottled water.

That, though, is just the beginning of wat Madison County folks have done. First United Methodist Church was featured on KBTX with their creation of 30 hygiene kits and buckets to help with cleanup efforts. Those buckets and kits were delivered to Katy Monday morning.

First Baptist Church carried food and supplies to Huffman last Thursday where more than a 1000 people are being fed daily while Crossroads Cowboy Church collected items last Monday and delivered them to Conroe Monday night. Wednesday night they fed families who had evacuated to the motels in our town.

Last Monday Madisonville Christian Fellowship a truck load of donated items to Church Unlimited in Rockport.

Heidi McCollum Clopton rallied Madisonville mamas through Facebook to cook cookies, buy Wal-Mart gift card and restaurant gift card for the evacuees in our local motels. The response was so great she and her sister Leisa Pope spent most of last Tuesday just gathering the items.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what the compassionate souls in our county have been doing. America, though is full of kind hearts and they have even come from out of state to help the Hurricane Harvey victims. Here’s three comments from friends who personally witnessed this.

Last Thursday while Sharon Beach of Weatherford was out and about, she witnessed a convoy of service trucks from South Carolina headed south. What a blessing it will be to get electricity re-established. While in Bryan Martha Vogelsang of Brenham watched a great convoy of trucks hauling airboats travel down the interstate. On their doors were the State of Indiana Insignias.

Then Nora Thompson of Bryan experienced first-hand the greatness of our nation. A New Jersey search and rescue team pulled up while she was getting gas. After fueling Nora walked over and asked if she could pay for their fuel. The answer? "No ma’am. This is on the state of New Jersey for Texas."

It’s all proof of what a great country we live in, no matter what you see on TV. Just read the Meteor; we’ll share the good news!

On to what’s going on in Madisonville.

•Chance Theiss, one of those young men from Madisonville, is vying for the Junior National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas. He’s doing a good job since he took first place in a qualifying show last Sunday night.

•Condolences to the family of Darrell Hall, whose services were held last Saturday, Sept. 2. Darrel was 91 when he passed away in Bryan last Thursday. His wife Sue passed away three years ago.

He is survived by his son, Roy Hall of Madisonville; daughters, Tammy and Joye Hall of Madisonville; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

•It’s about to be a busy place in Madisonville, so you might get out that calendar. First let’s get this day right: it’s this Thursday, Sept. 7, when Christian singer and entertainer Mark Lowry will be at Madisonville Christian Fellowship Church. If you’ve ever watched the Gaither Reunion you’ve seen Mark. By the way, that wonderful Christmas song “Mary Did You Know?”? He wrote that one.

Lowery, who has quite a wit, has been entertaining people since his youth. The evening is guaranteed to make you smile and I’m betting touch your heart. Tickets are $25 each. You can get them online at events@mcfchurch.org. They are also available at the church office. Call (936) 348-3923 for more information.

•The last Shop & Stroll of 2017 is this coming Friday night. It should be a good night to stroll the square and visit the shops staying open for the evening and you’ll be entertained with some great music while doing it. And since you’ll be out, why not put a closed sign on the kitchen and eat at one of our local restaurants. We want to keep them as well as our shops in business.

•Then next Tuesday, Sept. 12, is the reception and dinner honoring the Past Presidents of the Madison County Fair Association. This will be a memorable evening honoring some special people.

The dinner is provided by the North Zulch Booster Club and MCFA kicking off at 6:30 pm. Please RSVP Liz Ward at 348-0081. They want to make sure there’s plenty of food for everyone! We want to make sure they know how much food to cook too.

•The following Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, the Midway Church of Christ will host its monthly Gospel Gathering co-hosted by Lanier Stevens and Dennis Ivey. Forget about cooking. There will be finger food to snack on beginning at 6 p.m. You may even think about bringing a dish or two. Singing will start around 6:30 and you can sing along even play along if you’re pretty handy with an instrument. It’s a fun laid back evening and they want you to come.

•And finally, here’s some food for thought. I’ve read several articles praising the donations following Hurricane Harvey, well some of them that is. They also gently suggest you think before donating. In fact, some of those donations make you wonder what some folks are thinking?

The flood victims need things now, not coats and sweaters. In fact, in south Texas they seldom need a coat or sweater and especially not now. Those donations take up valuable room and cause more work on already fatigued volunteers.

Ditto with torn and stained shirts. Ditto with stained underwear. Yep, that’s what they say some people have sent. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

In fact, as one volunteer pointed out, right now they need water, the bottled and drinkable kind. They need gift cards to buy their necessities, not flimsy suggestive nightwear and worn kitchen towels. Well, on second thought, I do think she said they were using those towels as cleaning rags. The flimsy suggestive nightwear? Really?

The do need heavy-duty trash bags and cleaning supplies and again, gift cards to purchase their personal needs.

You might consider finding a local church in the devastated area that’s helping out and send money to them. That way your dollar doesn’t have to go through all the red tape and end up being a quarter by the time someone needy gets it.

Our neighbors to the south will be needing help for a long time. Think, though, before you donate and encourage others to do the same. Make sure that donation is a help, not a hindrance.