’Round Town


It’s Madisonville homecoming weekend. While the big focus will be on our Mustangs beating Leona this Friday night, there is plenty going on throughout the weekend on for all ages.

First, all of you Mustang Band Alumni, think you can still read the music? Dig back in the closet and find your band instrument, then join the band in the stands during the game this Friday night. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Don’t have an instrument? Make sure to make your way to the band section and say hello.

By the way, our Mighty Mustang Band will host its usual halftime performance, this one time prior to the game. The game starts at 7:30 but because of other halftime activities, their performance will begin at 7 p.m., so make sure to get to the game early to see them perform.

Then what better time for a class reunion than during Homecoming? The class of 1977 will hold its 40th reunion this weekend. To jog your memory a few of those class members were Donna Callahan Morgan, Bruce Wells, Joann Washington, Lenora Deal Oden, Inotia Lotts Sanchez, Rodney Lockhart, Lastell McVey Fraley and Joey Smith, just to name a few. Joey, by the way, was the class president.  

The class of 1977 is kicking off its reunion with a tailgate party with some good snacks in the Mustang football stadium parking lot at 6 p.m. Now if you remember this class, they always were ones for great impressions and they haven’t changed much. What better way to make a great impression than to enter the stadium together and sit in a reserved section?

Of course, you class members need to let Lastell Fraley know how many of you will be attending to insure she has plenty of that section reserved. Tickets to the game are $5 each and can be purchased at the gate.

Saturday it’s on to Los Ranchos for some great visiting and lunch from 11 until 3.

The Class of 1982 will hold its reunion this Homecoming weekend as well. Their main celebration time will be Saturday evening. The class will gather at McKenzie's BBQ at 6 p.m. for some good old-fashion catching up with one another and of course, eating. McKenzie’s is at located at 1711 E. Main, Madisonville. 

•While we’re on the subject of McKenzie’s and their wonderful barbeque, why not consider taking the family out to eat this weekend? Our little town is blessed with wonderful restaurants. Not only McKenzie’s Barbeque but also Mallett Brothers Barbeque and Grill opened here this year. Besides barbeque McKenzie’s has a great hamburger and besides barbeque Mallett Brothers offers a variety of good eating and specials almost every day.

In fact, pay attention to the specials and eating out can be easy on the pocketbook. The Woodbine also has a lunch special every day as does Walker’s and of course Walkers also has its Thursday hamburger. Let’s not forget Legends Steakhouse has some enticing summer specials. And that’s just the beginning of the restaurants. In our little town we have several Mexican food restaurants, a Chinese restaurant, a variety of fast foods and the list goes on.

•Speaking of restaurants, Carter Enterprises continues to grow. The company will open a Texas Burger next Wednesday, Oct. 4, in Wellborn with a great Grand Opening event. It’s going to be half price burgers all day so you might want to drive over and see the latest Texas Burger, the brainchild of Madisonville’s homegrown son James Otis Carter.

•Then mark Oc,t 15 on your calendar to enjoy a little music, Dennis Ivey and his band will be in concert at Union Baptist Church that evening. You might know the church better as Ten-Mile Baptist Church. Dennis always makes it a special night, you won't want to miss it.

Hats off to First Baptist Church pastor Joshua Crutchfield. Pastor Jared Wellman of Tate Springs Baptist Church, Arlington, announced recently he will nominate Pastor Crutchfield, for vice president of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Now that’s quite an honor.

The convention, when nominations will be made, will be held in November. Of course, we Madisonville folks know he would be the best for the job. Pastor Crutchfield received the Paul Pressler Award in 2015.The SBTC says the award “is presented each year to a leader in ministry who demonstrates such service in working for the Lord.”

•How about birthdays? Happy belated birthday to Richard Wakefield and Kathy Marsh who celebrated their birthdays last Sunday, Sept. 24. This week Myra Patrick and Sylvia Dena do the same Wednesday, Sept. 27, as will Ty Coleman on Thursday, Sept. 28. Lynn Neely’s birthday is Saturday, Sept. 30, while Dustin Allen, Belinda Tobias and Joel Hardy share birthdays this Sunday, Oct. 1.

•And finally, remember that Fishing Pole Law I mentioned some weeks back? I really think it would be a great law and I’m thinking about drumming up names to sign a petition and get it passed.

Now we all know fishing is great for the soul and relaxing for the mind. Recently it dawned on me that a Fishing Pole Law could be a great asset to our country. We can cut our debt, no doubt reverse some snarky attitudes and help build self-esteem in our fellow countrymen. A fishing pole can do that.

You see, we spend millions feeding people. In April 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps recorded that 43.6 million people received food stamps. The 2016 cost of the program was $70.9 billion.

We, through the taxes we pay our government, help those having trouble finding a job, although according to all of the “Help Wanted” signs I question that, but that’s a story for another time. We help the disabled, those down on their luck and yep, even some who claim all the above but the claims are questionable. That too, though, is another story. Back to the fishing pole.

Article after article supports fishing as a benefit to mental health. According to “Free Waters” fishing promotes calmness, stimulates positive moods, encourages independent thinking and behavior, provides light exercise, promotes social activity if you fish with a friend and the list goes on. There’s the proof. If we handed out fishing poles we could improve the mentality and behavior of people. You have to admit something needs to be done to abort those snarky attitudes. They’re multiplying faster than rabbits.

Secondly, by teaching them to fish they could help put food on their table, which in turn would help cut the growing debt. We could hand out instructional booklets with the fishing poles and send Matt Reed throughout the states holding fishing seminars. Besides, eating fish is good for you. Are you seeing the number of good things the fishing pole law would do?

Finally, in addition to developing a better mental attitude as well as helping to feed himself the fishing pole law would improve a person’s self-esteem and self- satisfaction. That was proven in an independent review by the Department for Work and Pensions that showed the positive relationship between those who worked and their health and wellbeing.

 Our ancestors already knew all this though. Back in the 12th-century philosopher Maimonides wrote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Bottom line? Instead of supplying people with a cell phone issue them a fishing pole. Our tax dollars would be providing a way for those in need to enjoy themselves, feed themselves and develop self-esteem.

On second thought, maybe we all need a fishing pole. Want to sign my petition?