'Round Town


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Last Monday was one of those days for me.  If I could drop it, stumble over it, break it or lose it, I did. That includes last week’s column, or rather, parts for this week’s column.

You see, last week’s column wasn’t last week’s column. Instead it was notes dropped into a file of gathered information for this week’s column.  Somehow I sent that file into the office. Was I shocked when I opened the paper last Wed.? I bet I wasn’t the only one! As I said, sometimes it doesn’t seem to pay to get out of bed. One of the worst things about writing is when you make a mistakes it’s there forever. On to bigger and better things.

Congratulations to Will and Felicia Bankhead on the birth of Silas William Bankhead, who arrived last Wed. afternoon. Will, a 2010 MHS graduate, is now employed with the Department of Public Safety. Grandparents of baby Silas are Madisonville attorney John Bankhead and his wife Sindy, while great grandparents are Bobby and Marcella Samuel.

Congratulations to the Sadler family on the birth of Charlotte Rose. The little lady arrived Sat. Mar. 10, which was four weeks early since Mom was having a few health problems. She weighed a whopping 4 lbs., 11 oz and is doing great.

Charlotte Rose is the daughter of Mike Alvarado and Allyson Sadler. Grandparents are Gabrielle and Robby Sadler, owner of Razer Wireless.

Congratulations to Pastor Josh Crutchfield of First Baptist Church, whose article “First Person: Standing with cooperation.” was recently published in the Baptist Press. He penned quite an excellent article and you can read it online at www.bpnews.net/. Since you didn’t get to read this good news last week, you’ll need to scroll down through articles that have been posted since last week.

Chiropractor Rod Tieperman is pretty proud of his daughter Brianna, a Rockport Fulton High School senior. She too, had an article published, in the magazine Coastal Scenes. Brianna plans to attend Texas A&M next year and that too will make Dad happy!

Each month our schools recognize deserving students and employees from each campus and you need to know about these outstanding individuals. In February, Giovanny Loredo was recognized from the Elementary, Erick Payan from the Intermediate school, Hailey Jeffries from the Jr. High and Sovanpheaktra Ly from the High School. High School Counselor Caryn Hagaman and High School Special Education teacher Suzanne Smith received special teacher recognition. Congrats!

Now, on to what is going on around our town. A good old fashion 3-day Jesus Calling revival is planned for Mar. 19-21, at the First United Methodist Church and they want you to come join them.

Coming from Chapel Hill, TX to lead the revival is Pastor Eric Dehmer. One evening, First United Methodist Church member Mary Burr will provide music while the Shiloh Missionary Choir will be coming to Madisonville to sing another night.

The First Baptist Church also has a special event for Sunday, Mar. 19. The Brothers McClurg and Todd Agnew will be in Concert that evening from 6-8:00 pm. Agnew, who is a contemporary singer and songwriter is well known for his contemporary song “Grace Like Rain”, which was released in 2003. The Brothers McClurg are from Buffalo, NY and started their singing career in 2008. One of their albums, released in 2012, was honored with recognition by two Christian Album charts.

Once again, over in Midway town on Mar. 21, they will be doing some singing and having some fun at the Gospel Gathering held in the Fellowship Hall of the Midway Church. Of course, it is hosted by Lanier Stevens and Dennis Ivey, and they both like to sing and play. Lanier is finally up and going again after a bout with the flu. He was attending Tres Dias two weekends ago when the flu bug bit him and landed him in the hospital for a few days. While we’re on sick folks, bless Dale Kovaks! He too, was in the hospital with bronchitis and with his heart once again out of rhythm. Dale had earlier undergone a heart ablation to try to correct this problem. On top of that, he came down with the flu. And one more who has been in the hospital bed is Marty Johnson. Marty received stints last Thursday morning and is doing great! He is the son of Wanda Johnson, who works in the Mule Barn and the brother of Nancy Gilmore who owns the Mule barn.

Back to that Midway singing Mar. 21! Don’t forget that finger food is served about 6:00 pm. If you can bring some, that’s great. If not, just go enjoy what’s there. The singing will start around 6:30 p.m. You can also bring along your banjo or whatever and join them if you’d like.

If you like that soft-serve ice cream from Dairy Queen, then mark Mar. 20 on your calendar. The Dairy Queen Corporation is sponsoring a free soft-serve cone that day and our Dairy Queen will no doubt hand out plenty of them. You might want to try a hamburger while you’re there, or maybe some steak fingers or tacos.

As you basketball lovers already know, the 2017 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament started Tues. The tournament runs for three weeks ending Mon., Apr. 3. If you’re not a basketball fan and you don’t get a huge amount of television stations, now might be the time to make other plans than t.v.watching. We get a lot of stations; it’s just who wants to watch that stuff?

Don’t forget that this Fri., Mar. 17 is St Patrick’s Day. Now just might be a good time to go shopping for something green so you don’t get pinched.

Madisonville lost a kind, sweet matriarch last Friday when Mrs. Betty Wells James passed away on Fri., Mar. 10. She would have been 98 years young on Mar. 31. Services were held last Mon., Mar. 13, at the First United Methodist Church in Madisonville. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to First United Methodist Church, 102 McIver Street, Madisonville, or to the Jimmy Wells Scholarship Fund at Prosperity Bank, 208 W. Main Street, Madisonville.

How about some birthdays? First on the birthday list is all of those I missed last week. Happy belated birthday to Rebecca Hull and Angela McBee, whose birthday’s were on Wed. Mar. 8. Tena Measles and Debbie Burns blew out candles on Fri., Mar. 10 while Sandra Bennett did the same Sat. Mar. 11.

Then a special birthday wish to Emillie Harrison, who celebrated her birthday Mar. 12, when she turned 9 years old! One of her friends, Addie Allen just celebrated her birthday as well. Emillie is the daughter of Deanna and Trey Harrison while Addie is the daughter of Quincy and Dustin Allen.

On this week’s birthday list, a happy birthday to Ms. Nettie Dean, who celebrates her 99th birthday this Wed. Mar. 15. She has been a resident of this city and county and a member of First Baptist Church since the early 1940's. Send your birthday wishes to her at Madisonville Assisted Living, 411 E. Collard St, Madisonville, TX  77864. By the way, she enjoys visitors.

This Sat., Mar. 18, Lisa Morgan and Camilla Viator celebrate their birthdays while Wanda Johnson and Gene King do the same Sun., Mar. 19. Jon Stevens’ birthday is Mon., Mar. 20, and Beverly Phillips winds out our list with her birthday Tues., Mar. 21.

And finally, those of us who enjoy more daylight in the late afternoons than in the early morning are really smiling. Now I know some folks don’t care for daylight saving time. They do make those room-darkening drapes and of course those eye covers you can put on your eyes so you can block out the daylight if you want. Daylight Saving Time will end November 5, 2017. Did you know Benjamin Franklin first proposed the idea of DST in 1784?  A frugal man, he based his proposal for on the cost of oil for lamps.

Daylight Saving Time was again discussed in 1918 but it was 1966 before the Uniform Act was passed. It was almost 50 years between the two.  You don’t reckon that was because of the slow wheels of Congress do you?