'Round Town


It must be spring.  Even though it is February, according to the plants popping through the ground it’s spring. Maybe “Old Man Winter” will be back for a visit. Either way, it’s at least time to get prepared for spring and you can do that this Sat., Feb 18. 

The Keep Madison County Beautiful Committee, which is a part of Keep Texas Beautiful, will host a spring seminar from 10 AM - 3 PM this Saturday at the Kimbro Center.  For $5.00 you can learn a lot. Marguerite Lohmann with Cabin at Fossil Tree Farm will share info on bees and pollinator plants. Bees are really handy little fellas as long as you don’t get close enough to be stung. Arnold Foster will tell you what you need to do to get those fruit trees growing and David Bailey has some great tips on water conservation. In addition, several vendors will be there with their wares. You might even take home a door prize!

Also, ladies, this weekend is the time for the weekend retreat "Heartfelt Friends", hosted by Madisonville First Baptist Church. It kicks off this Friday evening at 5:00 pm and includes your meal.  Sat. morning and the luncheon are also included in the ticket, which is $20.  Yes, there is a nursery available and, yes, if you need financial assistance to attend, call the Madisonville First Baptist Church office at 936-348-2686.

Do you like to paint? On Feb. 28, it is painting time to benefit Rufus Refuge. Painting With a Purpose will be held at Oak Ridge Country Club Tues., Feb. 28, from 6-8 pm. Go online to Rufusrescue.org to register or contact Meagan Dean at 936-661-4490. You have to be 18 to paint, though!

Golf tournament is coming soon! It will be held on Mar. 25 at Hilltop Lakes Golf Course. The event is a benefit for the 2017 MHS seniors. While there are several sponsors, the ones from Madisonville are Carter's Enterprises and Henson Motor Company. Time to practice your swing!

Did you know Madisonville City Cemetery Association does not collect maintenance fees?  That’s how they used to keep the cemetery mowed and took care of other work that needed to be done. The cemetery association now has a 501c3 status, which means donations are tax deductible, so please donate what you can. A weedy cemetery with tall grass will not represent us too well. Send your donations to

Madisonville City Cemetery, P0 Box 486, Madisonville, Texas 77864.

It’s heartwarming to read about Madisonville High School graduates who go on to do great things, isn’t it? One is Joshua Brown, a MHS graduate and now the Director of Choirs and Instructor of Music Theory at Coppell High School.

Under his direction the high school’s A Cappella choir performed a 25-minute concert at the recent Texas Music Educator convention. The choir was one of five choirs invited out of a total of 130 groups who submitted recordings. That’s impressive.

Brown’s students do well under his tutelage at competitions as well as performances. His choirs have performed at the 2016 Southwest American Choral Director's Convention and in 2014, the CHS Madrigals performed for the Educators association convention. His students are also consistent sweepstakes winners at UIL Concert and sight-reading contests. Makes you kind of proud doesn’t it?

Josh, as he was better known here, is the son of Glyna and Ray Brown and brother to Jacob Brown. His wife Hillary teaches 5th Grade at Lee Elementary in Coppell ISD. 

Congratulations to Devon Clute, the daughter of Don and Stephanie Clute from Huntsville, TX, who recently received her letter of acceptance to St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio TX. Devon is presently attending Baylor University and will begin law school in the fall semester of 2017.  She is the granddaughter of Bunkin and Candy Bennett and the late Dee and Calvin Clute.

Condolences to Rod Tieperman and family on the loss of Rod’s mother Frances Jerilyn "Jerry" Tieperman, 85, who passed away unexpectedly on Wed., Feb. 8. Mrs. Tieperman worked for several businesses during her employment years while juggling the rearing of eight children plus their activities. She played the piano in nursing homes or church activities or wherever she was needed, and made some awesome cinnamon rolls that had her quite famous in her hometown. Services were held on Sat., Feb. 11, 2017. Memorial donations may be made to Sacred Heart Catholic School, 302 South B Street, Arkansas City, KS 67005. Mrs. Tieperman is survived by all of her children and their spouses who have scattered across Texas, as well as 18 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Send your condolences to Rob and family at 604 S. Madison St., Madisonville, TX 77864.     

As we go to press teenager, Grace Culbreth is undergoing yet another surgery. Grace is the one who scoots all around Walkers Café in her wheelchair and could probably win a wheelchair race. Grace is paralyzed from the waist down and has had several reconstructive surgeries.  She is the daughter of Teddy and Angela Culbreth.

On our birthday list, happy birthday to Robert Schilling, whose birthday is Feb. 16, and to David Hammitt, whose birthday is Feb. 19.

Margaret Armbrister celebrates her birthday on Feb. 20. It’s her 85th! Margaret was a greeter and receptionist at Prosperity bank for many years. I’m betting many people like me miss her smile when walking in the bank door. Send your wishes to her at 904 E. Morris, Madisonville TX 77864. Right behind her, Margaret Stacey Bennett has her birthday on Feb. 21.  Dawn Knight and Debbie Eschenberger share Sun., Feb. 23 for their birthday, and Carroll Fox, Stephanie Springer and Debbie Hardwick all share Feb. 24.

Finally, last week you read about the first step in becoming more punctual, and then my comment on why it doesn’t work.  Here’s a few more. See where you stand on this. For us that none of it fits and can easily figure out the reason why, it’s at least entertaining. 

2. THEY GIVE THEMSELVES BUFFER TIME- Punctual people are usually early because being late stresses them out.

            Read my comment on #1 from last week. ‘Nuf said.

 3. THEY’RE ORGANIZED- Everything we do on a daily basis is automatic: "Our lives are filled with habits—from the way you brush teeth to how you get dressed and leave for work because If we didn’t do things automatically, it would take us forever to get through our day“. The habits of people who are always on time are highly structured. They analyze their daily activities, set routines, and stick to them on regular basis. Chronically late people, however, don’t have structure and often fall on the attention deficit disorder spectrum. To become punctual, do everything you can to prepare for the morning the night before.

 About that part about sticking to them on a regular basis? I need a teacher to give me instructions on how to do this. I work hard to be organized, like making a list for the day. Quite frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever completed a list on the day it happened. It’s called interruptions. This is another reason why I think this person is single, lives in the city and works in a cubbyhole where no one interrupts her. The real fact is that we sometimes run late because life revolves around needs; the needs of kids and dogs and neighbors and spouses. I will agree about the attention deficit disorder comment though. I’m certified ADD. If that’s the problem though, the world is full of us ADD folks!

 4. THEY’RE COMFORTABLE WITH DOWNTIME- Being punctual often means getting to a meeting or an appointment early. Punctual people use the extra five or 10 minutes as a chance to catch up on emails, read over notes, or simply enjoy the solitude.

 Would someone please define downtime? And until next time, see you ‘round town!