'Round Town


If you like good singing you won’t want to miss the Bowling Green State University Men’s Chorus from Bowling Green, Ohio. It’s made up of 50 dedicated hardworking young men who look pretty classy in their black suits. 

The choir will perform at our First United Methodist Church, Monday evening Mar. 6 at 7 p.m. That’s not this coming Monday but the next one. The chorus, conducted by Tim Cloeter will present a concert of sacred and secular music that you won’t want to miss.

According to their website, the group, which has been called “America’s Finest Singing Machine,” was established by the university some 40 years ago. Each year they tour once in the fall and once in the spring and we’re fortunate to be on the spring tour. 

The concert is free but if you’d like to bring an extra dollar or two to help these young men with their expenses, it would no doubt be greatly appreciated. Someone will pass the hat at the end of the concert should you want to donate. Think for a minute about feeding 50 traveling men all at one time. Want more info? Check them out at www.bgsumenschorus.com

Here are some more things for your calendar. Don’t forget that next Tuesday, Feb. 28, it’s painting time to benefit Rufus Refuge. Do you like to paint? Painting With a Purpose will be held at Oak Ridge Country Club, Tues. Feb. 28, from 6-8 pm. You don’t need to bring a thing but you do need to register.  Go online to www.Rufusrescue.org to register or contact Meagan Dean at 936-661-4490. You go have to be 18 to paint though! By the way, there are only 12 seats left.

Golf tournament is coming soon! A benefit for our seniors will be held Mar. 25 at Hilltop Lakes Golf Course. Anybody want to help sponsor? While there are several sponsors, the ones from Madisonville are Carter's Enterprises and Henson Motor Company. Better start practicing. You don’t want the kids to outshine you.

Hats off to Brenda Hill. Brenda was honored last Sunday morning at First Baptist Church for her talented playing of the church organ. She started playing for the church 60 years ago. She taught herself how to play! Brenda, by the way, also takes care of her mom, Mrs. Maidie Madole who happens to be 97 years young.  Why not drop Mrs. Maidie a card at 102 York St., Madisonville, TX 77864.

Have you picked up Recipe & Remembrances yet?  It’s a wonderful cookbook, and the work of our Madison County Historical Commission.  They have them at the museum when it is open and we have them here at Nettles Country Store.

In our sick bay corner, Fred Henson is home doing great following a couple of nights in the Austin Hospital. Fred underwent a heart ablation, which is a procedure to treat irregular heartbeats. The big name for that is atrial fibrillation or AFib for short. In fact, Fred and Grace Culbreth, the daughter of Teddy and Angela Culbreth, were in that same Austin hospital at the same time. Grace too, had surgery, but she came home Sunday evening. 

LaMerle Sharp, who underwent surgery last Thursday, has done so well in her progress, she was moved last Sunday to St Joseph's Telemetry Care Unit in Bryan. That’s where technology gathers all kinds of info about you and then sends it to the staff at a centralized location; then it’s on to rehab!

            On this week’s list of birthday’s, happy belated birthday to Steven Cole, whose birthday was last Tues., Feb. 21. Sharon Jefferies and David Wiliams share Tuesday, Feb. 28 as their birthday. Have you got birthdays to share?  Anniversaries? Send them via email to: gala@nettlescountry.com, or mail to 1087 Nettles Lane, Madisonville, TX. 77864. You can also call us at (936) 348-6541 and leave a message with whomever you speak with. Make sure you spell those names for us. Think I may start an evening grammar class for this bunch out here.

Finally, fitness is a mantra these days as well it should be. It’s proven to be a highway to good health, to feeling better and even to being more mentally sharp. Now, there is no doubt we’ve got a lot of really good exercise gurus in Madison County but I’m betting not too many of you keep up with Mr. Red Turner.

Mr. Red Turner, Coldwater MS, is a joy to know. He was in the cutting horse business for years. He also owned a big car dealership in Coldwater and spent most of his life selling cars and trading horses.

Red is a dear friend to many. He checks up on folks, no matter what state they live in, to make sure they are doing all right and he’s especially good to check on the sick. He’s also a wonderful Christian and before he hangs up from a phone visit, he’s going to pray for you. When Red prays for you, you have been prayed for. I really enjoy those calls. We need more Red Turners. Here’s more about Red. He’s one of those who believe in fitness just like he believes in prayer. He does 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups every morning, and he does 65 knee bends twice a day, every day. One last thing; Mr. Red is 90 years young. That’s right, he will be 91 on Apr. 29, 2017.

This exercise program isn’t anything new. To celebrate his 85th birthday (almost 6 years ago), Red did 1100 pushups in 45 minutes. He did them in segments of 200, taking a little rest in between. To do 1100 pushups in 45 minutes, those weren’t very long rests. Next time you hear someone say “I’m too old to do ----” , tell them about Red.

By the way, how are you doing with your exercise program? Please let us hear from you. I’m not talking about mine.