’Round Town


Time Change. It’s coming. Sunday, Nov. 5, will be the day when sunrise and sunset will be about an hour earlier than you’re used to.

It means more light in the morning hours of your day and it means getting darker earlier in the evening. Right now, it gets dark about 6:50 p.m. in our town according to sunrise-sunset.org. That means in about 19 days, that is if you’re reading this on Wednesday, Oct. 18, the day the Meteor comes out, it could be dark by the time you get home from work.

•By the way, again if you’re reading this on Wednesday, Oct. 18, just want you to know Christmas this year is on Monday and you have 66 shopping days until Christmas Eve.

•Here’s what’s going on ’round town. Need a tumbler to carry that drink with you? Here’s a win-win that will do the trick. Rufus Refuge now has 30-ounce tumblers that will keep your drinks hot or cold. While one cost $30 you can get 2 for $50, so buy one for your spouse or partner with a friend. Check them out at http://www.rufusrefuge.org/tumblers. The money goes to support care for uncared for animals until someone takes them to their new home.

•Class of 1981, Oct. 28 is reunion time for you. Meet your class members at Rancho Viejo party room at 7 p.m.

•Congratulations to Rusty Andrews and Mary Morgan of Spring, who wed last weekend. Rusty is the son of Steve and Anita Andrews and the grandson of Kenneth and Mary Jane Andrews, all of Madisonville.

•Congratulations to Ty Arnold who qualified as one of the 12 PRCA Team Roping Heelers for the 2017 RAM Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo. The Rodeo will be held Dec. 28-30th in Waco TX.

•And congratulations to James Evans who is leading the 2017 steer roping. James is the husband of April Smith Evans of Madisonville. The couple are the parents of three children and live in Glen Rose, that is when they aren’t living on the road.

•On our birthday list, happy birthday to Judge Butch McDonald and Raye Kubiak who share Thursday, Oct. 19, as their birthday. Clint Cannon, Tracy Farris and Jane McDonald celebrate birthdays Saturday, Oct. 21. Scott Kizzia blows out his candles Sunday, Oct. 22, as does James Brown, while Claudine Stone does the same Oct. 23. Cindy Guderian winds out this week’s birthday list with her birthday on Oct. 24

•We’ve got some great people in Madisonville. Remember all of those who turned their boats into rescue boats after Hurricane Harvey? The good news is our neighbors are still doing it. People like Donna and Tommy Tucker, who volunteered in September and recently went back again.

They joined others, some from as far away as Washington State and even Hawaii, as a part of the SBTC Disaster Relief in Vidor. Tommy shared that college students from colleges across America were there for a week at a time and understands they will come every week through Thanksgiving.

“We heard repeated stories of how those that had lost everything were still positive and living every day being thankful for the life that God was providing,” said Tommy. “They walked away from their homes with a plastic bag of their life long belongings. The stories were so sad but their perseverance was even greater because they were thankful and were living in the worst of times with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.”

The Tuckers shared that everyone should join a relief effort because amidst all the bad it is “an amazing experience.”

•And finally, a little over three weeks from now, Nov. 11, is Veteran’s Day. That gives us all plenty of time to buy a flag or find the one that is stored. This year, since Nov. 11 falls on Saturday, as a federal holiday it will be observed on Friday, Nov. 10.

Veterans are special people. They are the reason you and I are free to go where we wish, choose our occupation, all kinds of other things we take for granted, like the size of our family. That’s right, the size of your family. China’s policy is that a couple can have two children, that is if one parent, rather than both parents, was an only child. Until 2013 they could only have one. Thank goodness for Veterans and our freedom.

This year I have a different outlook on Veteran’s day. In late spring, a man came into our Nettles Country Store, walking pretty spry and tapping a cane with each step. He had a captivating smile and a cap that said World War II Veteran. Mr. Larry Huett was looking for someone to write his memoirs. After a little conversation, I smiled back at him and said, “No sir, I’m not the one.”

You see, I have written 17 books, 12 training booklets and almost a thousand articles under my belt. Some days I have writer’s burnout deluxe and that was one of those days. The last thing I wanted to do was tackle another book.

I still don’t know how, but when Mr. Huet walked out of our store, I had not only agreed to write his memoirs for him, I had agreed to do it in record time. He wanted the book for his 93rd birthday. His birthday was Oct. 3 and it’s a miracle, but he received his first shipment of books Oct. 5.

More importantly, I am so glad Larry came to see me that day and I am so thankful I went along on that ride. I just thought I respected our veterans until I spent hours with Larry and days perusing his memorabilia collection from the war, days researching WWII.

His is a remarkable story of a boy, who during the great depression had his first job at the age of 6, of a young man who joined the Navy at 17 and then manned one of the most dangerous jobs on an air carrier, and of a fella with enough spunk to build a successful career when the war finally ended.

Today, I’m a much better person for having written Larry’s life story, written in the very manner he told it. My appreciation for the men and women who served this country now runs much deeper. Veterans Day, Nov. 11, has a whole new meaning for me.