'Round Town


After this Saturday Shon Petershagen, the manager of Madisonville’s Brookshire Brothers will turn in his store keys, pack up his home and spend his vacation moving to Canyon Lake. There he will be manager of a new Brookshire Brothers that is about to open. 

Presently the company is interviewing for the Madisonville store’s management position and we’ll let you know who will take over the leadership position as soon as the announcement is made.  

But back to Shon.  Shon has been a part of Madisonville for 16 years and has been with Brookshire Brothers for 23 years. Retiring someday in the Hill Country has always been a dream of his and the opportunity to open this new store gets him that much closer to fulfilling that dream. Shon, we wish you the best!

Have you got a helping hand? The good people of our neighboring Louisiana would surely appreciate that. In the recent Louisiana flood, East Baton Rouge was devastated. Not only did their homes, schools and churches flood, the majority of residents lost most of their belongings as well.

Graciously other schools lent a helping hand. They supplied the children with their needed school supplies juggled school schedules, and worked in shifts to get the kiddos back in school and into at least one routine.

Still, there is much more to teaching and that’s where you and I can lend a helping hand. First Baptist Church of Madisonville is piloting a gathering of supplies that  teachers will need when the schools of East Baton Rouge are repaired and ready to open.

Did you know that teachers supply the majority of the needs in their classroom from their own wallet? They too, though, now have the financial burden of rebuilding their homes so the funds for classrooms are no doubt meager. To help them with their classrooms bins line the hallway of First Baptist Church to collect those items. They will remain there through this Sunday Oct. 23.

So what can you contribute?

They need things like magnets, erasers, mailing envelopes and rulers. They need basic function calculators, adult scissors, laminating pockets, staplers and baskets. These are a must. And what is a classroom without bulletin board borders, bulletin board letters, colored printer papers, and card stock paper of all colors?

And the list goes on.

After Sunday the trucks will head to Louisiana to make the delivery from Madisonville. Today just might be’ a good day to lend a helping hand. The good teachers of East Baton Rouge will no doubt shed a few tears over your kindness. That’s just what teachers do.

Back to the fun happenings in Madisonville. This is Mushroom Festival weekend and the Gala Dinner held this Friday night, kicks off the event.  The tickets are few but a handful are left. Call Susan Warmuth at 936-348-3333 if you’re interested.

Then this Saturday is he mushroom cook-off, the wine tasting, the chefs competition, all held in that big tent across from the Woodbine Hotel. A block away the town square will overflow with the booths of artists and craftsmen. And don’t forget the auto show, the grape stomp, the photo contest, the poster contest the art contest, and the Shiitake Run/walk. Whew! Take your vitamins!

Calling all veterans! You surely don’t want to miss November’s Veterans Coffee and Fellowship. It’s more than coffee this time. You’ll be treated to a full breakfast.

The gathering, held every month from 8 to 10 a.m. takes place at Madisonville Christian Fellowship.

One thing you do need to do though.  Please call Jim Vance at 936-348-1126 by Oct. 20 and let them know you are coming. They need to know how much food to purchase. If you’re a big breakfast eater, forewarn Jim; you want them to have enough food too.

On our birthday list, happy birthday to Tracy Farris, Jane McDonald and Clint Cannon whose birthday is Friday Oct 21. Scott Kizzia and James Brown have birthdays Oct. 22 Claudine Stone celebrates hers Oct 23 while Keith Junot does the same Oct 24.  Debbie Drake and Renee Howe round out the birthday list with their birthdays Oct 26.  10/26.

Happy anniversary to Dorothy and Robbie Tadlock who will celebrate their 56th anniversary is Oct. 30. That address is 752 S. Madison Ave. North Zulch, TX 77872.

Those Madison County cowboys just keep doing great things. Hats off this week to Ty Arnold. Ty team ropes as the heeler on a horse he calls Junior. Junior has caught the attention of quite a few folks lately, enough to be voted Heel Horse of the Year in the Cowboy Professional Roping Association.

And finally, thankfully the presidential election time is drawing near and will soon be in our past. Yet, anger, like a stormy cloud hangs over our country and at this rate, will not pass.

Listen to the television, read social media. Anger swells everywhere. Friends call friends terrible names, families quarrel. They see the thoughts of one another as completely unpardonable and do not believe the friendship can be, even should be, rekindled.

Anger can get you in trouble though. Buddha once said “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned.”

Letting things go is a kind of freedom. Sure each of us has a right to our opinion but so does everyone else. Like a balloon which can be popped or deflated, so anger and rancor be deflated. There isn’t anger when one friend drives a Ford and another a Chevrolet; there isn’t anger when one person goes to the Methodist Church and another to the Baptist. Likewise there shouldn’t be anger over political views.  if only one person steps forward. That’s all it takes. One. Got to admit, it does a take a big person though.

Are you that kind of person? Can you hold out a hand of truce?

I’d like to leave you with the following quote from English writer G. K. Chesterton, a man wise beyond his years.

 “To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.” 

If only it were on every bathroom mirror and read daily. If only.