'Round Town


Did you know that September is known as National Preparedness Month? It’s a part of a grassroots campaign designed to encourage individuals and communities to create in advance a plan of action for problems that might arise.

While it’s hard to prepare for all catastrophes, preparation does remove the complete element of surprise. For example, if you were in town and a truck passing through with hazardous material overturned, do you know what to do?

Do the kids know how to get out of the house should it catch on fire? Do they know not to spend time hunting the family pet? On the other hand, if there is a community alert, has one of them been assigned to bring the family pet indoors? 

The best thing about National Preparedness is that it removes that surprise, especially if you practice periodically like the fire drills in school. If you’d like to read tips from the organization go to https://www.fema.gov/national-preparedness.

October is coming. Its preparedness measures include National Crime Prevention Month and Cyber Security Awareness Month. We’ll tell you more about them next month.

Hats off to Tractor Supply and the dedicated workers of Rufus Refuge who partnered two Saturdays ago to hold an adoption for some of the friendliest dogs you’ve ever seen. Of course, before they were rescued and learned people were really OK, all they knew was abuse, neglect and usually mistreatment.

Thanks to that Saturday, 12 dogs rescued from the streets now have homes. If you could help by fostering a pet or taking one for your own, now is a good time since Rufus Refuge is at capacity and so are the current foster homes. Last year Rufus Refuge vetted 285 dogs and put them up for adoption.

You might also consider being a sponsor for their 2017 calendar. There are all levels to sponsor, but hurry, its almost time to print.

Right now the third and fourth grade classes have organized a pet food drive to help dogs and cats in need of a home. They’re busy collecting dry or canned cat and dog food and will donate them to the local animal shelters. It ends this Friday, Sept. 30, so help them out if you can.

You can contact the organization on their Facebook page at Rufus Refuge or webpage Rufusrefuge.org.     

Those rings almost overpower Griffin Knight’s hand. Three of them! Dawn and Sonny Knight were at Auburn last weekend to watch their daughter Griffin receive her championship rings, two for national championships and one ring for SEC championship. This really is an unbelievable feat and doubtful it will ever be broken. Another celebrity from Madisonville, Texas!  

Last Friday night was an exceptional one for Kyler Cole. Kyler, the son of Kelly and James Cole learned he had qualified for the CPRA Finals. The Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association will be held Oct. 14-16 in Angleton. By the way, last Monday was birthday time for Kyler, his 19th one.

On that birthday list for this week, happy birthday to Lynn Neely whose birthday is Friday, Sept 30. Belinda Tobias, Joel Hardy and Debbie LaSalle bring in October with their birthday Oct. 1. Joy Burleson celebrates her birthday Oct. 5 while Tracy Cook does the same Oct. 6. Casee Davie and Kay Owens wind out this week’s list with their birthday Oct. 7.

Speaking of birthdays it’s the 50th birthday of the class of 1966’s graduation. I bet they find that hard to believe. They too are getting together for a class reunion. The class of 1966 will meet Oct. 22, four Saturdays from now, at Rancho Viejo from 5 to 10 p.m. The good news is they have succeeded in contacting most of those who graduated with the class so it should be a great time.

And finally, interesting things are happening around us. These are the days of approaching global living. There’s talk about one kind of money and even talk about a global government. Sounds like something out of a movie doesn’t it?                                                                                   Yet, it’s not.

It’s easy to say, “not in my lifetime,” or “not where I live,” but those thoughts allow loss of the very things we take for granted yet enjoy tremendously. Unfortunately, loss can also happen quicker than any of us realize. It’s what happened to the Jews during the Nazi regime.                                              I don’t like thinking about such things. Neither do I want to give up my precious time to get actively involved in guaranteeing our freedoms. Everything is a choice though and to not get involved is a choice that allows ideas that seem foreign now to move ahead. Ideas like the loss of the right to bear arms, the loss of the right to freedom of speech and the loss of the right to religious freedom. Lose freedoms like those and choice will be no more.   

A great quote was made years ago by Anthony Burgess in the classic “A Clockwork Orange.” Burgess said, “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.”                                                                                

I don’t like thinking about such things. Neither do other people I know. Yet, neither do we want to lose the right to think about them and if for that reason only, we will.