'Round Town


Fall is about to settle in bringing with it busy times. Besides all of the school sports activities here’s what else is going on around town.

First, do you remember the restaurant Shrimpy’s located south of town on the Interstate 45 feeder? The good news is the restaurant is reopening. And they will host a grand re-opening special Sept. 1 both for lunch and for dinner. It’s dine-in only, though. You might want to check that one out.

 With fall around the corner it’s time to close up those activities that were for summer days only. The Splash Park at Lake Madison is one of those. The last day to go play is next Monday, Sept. 5. That’s Labor Day and a good time to pack a lunch and go enjoy.  

While some activities are closing down, others are starting. One of those is the children’s choir at First United Methodist Church and the first time to meet is this Wednesday, Sept 7. It’s a great time for the kids but of course you adults are needed to help. Can you volunteer a couple of hours of your time? If so please call Beth Zanolini 940-886-7128.

Have you heard of James Harrison? Mr. Harrison is a 78-year-old Australian who doesn’t like pain, nor the sight of blood. Still, he has donated blood almost weekly for 60 years. In fact, he has donated blood more than 1,000 times and saved the lives of more than two million babies, according to the Australian Red Cross blood service. Harrison has a rare form of blood and has received numerous awards for his faithful donations. The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Commit for Life will be here Tuesday, Sept. 6 and you will have the opportunity to help save lives as well. Unfortunately, many people can’t donate. Those who have had certain cancers, tested positively for HIV or for the hepatitis B virus, certain kinds of heart disease, take certain medications, have received tattoos or a blood transfusion within the last 12 months and those who have used illegal drugs with a needle even once cannot donate. There’s more, but you get the idea.

That’s why if you can donate, your generosity is really needed.  If you’re 17 years of age and healthy and weigh at least 110 pounds, you can donate blood. Heck, if you’re 16 you can donate with written consent from parent or legal guardian. Call Maurita Turner at 936-349-1572 and set up an appointment.  The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be here Tuesday, from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.        

Madison County Farm Bureau annual meeting and dinner is coming up. The date is Sept .22 at the Kimbro center with guest speakers from our own Madisonville FFA and Rep. Trent Ashby.  You need to reserve your plate though so now is a good time to call.

All of you graduates in 1981 mark your calendars for Nov. 5.  That’s when your class will hold their 35th reunion. That’s right; you’ve been out that long. We’ll share more about it next week, but better mark your calendar!

On our ailing list Barbara Clute had a knee replacement last Tuesday and she is presently staying with her son Marty and his wife Laystell. Drop your cards to her at 1201 East Morris, Madisonville, Texas 77864.

Lisa Starns also underwent surgery Friday at M.D. Anderson in the Woodlands. She is also home and doing well. That address is P.O. Box 170, Midway, Texas 75852.

We’ve got birthdays and anniversaries you’ll want to know about. First, belated happy birthday to Ford Hooper who celebrated his 82nd birthday last Friday, Aug. 26. That address is PO Box 795 Normangee 77871.   

This week happy birthday to Holly Taft Hayes whose birthday is Wednesday Aug 31.  Murphy Black has his sixth birthday Aug. 30. Murphy is the son of teacher Charli Black and her hubby Joel

Karla Clark will celebrate her birthday Thursday, Sept. 2 and Donna O’Brien will do the same Sept. 4. Troy Sheppard is right behind them with his birthday is Sept. 6. Winding out the birthday list is Steven Stover and Cody Cole who will blow out candles Sept. 7.

Then happy belated anniversary wishes to Jimmy and Carolyn Farris. The couple celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary Aug. 27. Also celebrating an anniversary this past week was Wade and Tonya Phillips.

And speaking of birthdays congratulations to Crystal and Dave Callaham on the birth of Dillon Lane. Dillon was born Sunday morning weighing 7.6 pounds and was 19.5 inches. He was welcomed home by his big sister Delaney.

A young hunter is already showing he can handle the pressure.  Congratulations to Zac Jaster, the grandson of Sally and George Jaster and son of Allan Jaster who was featured in an article in Texas Trophy Hunter’s magazine recently with his first trophy buck.

And finally, the Labor Day weekend is upon us, the last official holiday until Thanksgiving in November. Labor Day was dedicated to respect the American worker, the person who was loyal to the business, who showed up early and worked the job not the clock. While loyalty to that business providing a working opportunity has faded over the years, loyal leaders still exist. They recognize the good employees and they don’t want to lose them.

Each of us subconsciously makes the choice to decide what we are worth at our job. So what’s the trick to earning a better paycheck? Become the employee the boss can’t do without.

There’s the story about two grocery stores across from one another and both had young boys working for them. Since the supply truck only ran once a week, when one of the stores ran out of canned goods, etc., it borrowed from the other one until the truck arrived.

One day Johnny, the young boy who worked for Grocery Store A, ran into Grocery Store B and grabbed a couple of cans of peas from the shelf.  “Put these on our charge list!” he yelled over his shoulder to Mr. Beck, the store’s owner as he ran back out the door.

Mr. Beck watched as young Johnny sprinted across the street and disappeared into Grocery Store A. He glanced over at Jimmy slowly sweeping his floor without any intention of finishing the job soon. “You know, Johnny is about to get a raise.”

Jimmy immediately grabbed the opportunity to quit sweeping.  He leaned against the broom, yawned and asked, “How do you know that?”

“Because if his boss doesn’t give him one I am,” said Mr. Beck.

It’s Labor Day weekend.  Enjoy it, but Tuesday, when it’s work time again, remember someone is always watching, usually more than just your boss.