’Round Town Jan. 24, 2018


This week has definitely been an example of Texas weather. Last week was ice. Then Monday, 70-degree temperature teased us that spring might be around the corner. That was short-lived. Tuesday it was 40 degrees again.

In trying to find the good in everything you’ve got to admit these roller-coaster temperatures have been good for the stocks of plumbing supplies, Kleenex and meds.

It’s wreaking havoc though on allergies and sinuses and also causing morning anxiety from just trying to figure what to wear. Maybe, though, Chuck will stay in his hole and not see his shadow. That would be good news.

You know Chuck, the Ground Hog who forecasts the weather every Feb. 2. By the way, his official name is Charles G. Hogg and he really lives in a log house at the Staten Island Zoo. Every Feb. 2 at 7:30 in the morning his keeper encourages him to awaken from hibernation and come out of his hole.

According to the zoo’s record-keeping Chuck has an 80 percent accuracy rate. So, if Chuck sees his shadow, we’ll need

•On to other things, like our birthday list and we have quite a few coming up.

First, happy birthday to David Culbreth, whose birthday is Jan. 25. Tammy Gilbert and Curtistine Baylor celebrate their birthday Thursday, Jan. 26, while Shirley Vaughn, does the same Jan. 28. Michael Barrington Sr., Heath Feuhs and Charlotte Picazzo blow out candles Jan. 29 while Virginia Boyett has her birthday Jan. 30.

Charli Black, Randell Karber Camryn Frederick and Rickie Milazzo wind up this week’s birthday list with their birthday Wednesday, Jan. 31.

•And a special happy anniversary to Billy and Charlotte Wilson. The couple wed in 1959 and this year, 2018 on Jan. 24 they will celebrate their 59th anniversary. Send your congrats to them at P.O. Box 663, Madisonville, TX 77864.

Got birthdays, anniversaries, etc., coming up in your family? Send them to gala@nettlescountry.com or call (936) 348-6541.

•Here’s what’s going on ’round our town. Have you been gathering all those printers, old computers, phones, etc., that are stuffed in the back of the closet? This is the Saturday to regain that space.

It’s Electronic Recycling Day in our town, an event the City of Madisonville will host from 10-2 p.m. at the City Hall. Questions? Call (936) 348-9333.

•Then February is going to be one busy month. First, if you are one of those who can give blood please roll up your sleeve and do so Friday,

Feb. 2, from 12:30-5 p.m. in the parking lot of Madisonville Care Center business building. That’s 412 Collard St.

Then Feb. 2 is the date for the annual Madison County Chamber of Commerce Banquet and wow, you should see the menu. There’s shrimp embrouchette, fried Monterey mushrooms, potato wedges, etc., and that’s just for the 6 p.m. social hour. The New York strip steak dinner starts at 7 p.m. This year’s speaker is Priscilla Pate.

And of course, that’s the night the Chamber’s man and woman of the year. Have you nominated your pick yet? It should be a great night. Call the Chamber office at (936) 348-3591 to reserve your seats or table for this year’s banquet.

•Speaking of good food, about eating time Saturday, Feb. 3, drive over to the North Zulch Fire Department where they will be hosting their second annual Chili-gumbo Cook-off. Besides sampling some great food, vendors will be there for you to find just that right gift for Valentine’s Day. If you think you have the winning recipe, call Tracy Davis at (936) 402-6143 and ante up your $30 entry fee.

•Then comes Feb. 5, the high-speed rail meeting. People are usually more interested in what’s going on in the county if it will affect them. Problem is, sometimes you don’t realize it will affect you until it’s too late.

For example, the High-Speed Rail, presently destined to come through our county, can affect more than just those people whose land is taken. You know, that thing called eminent domain, and supposedly “condemnation for building materials can be up to two miles from the route.”

Now if you listened to KBTX news last week, it sounded like the High-Speed Rail was a done deal, but that’s not completely true. Meetings are still being held and one is scheduled at the Kimbro Center Monday, Feb. 5. Please go. Listen and ask questions before making your decision whether you’re for or against this modern traveling mode from Houston to Dallas. Read more about it at www.texansagainsthsr.com/dallas-houston/hsr.

•Dads, uncles, granddads, get ready. Friday, Feb. 9, is the annual Father Daughter Dance for young ladies from preschool to eighth grade. It will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Wesley Hall of First United Methodist Church.

•Coming Feb. 16-17 is the annual Madisonville First Baptist Church Women's Ministry. “The Heart of the Matter" will be presented by speaker Jacki King in the church’s Family Life Center. Check in is at 5 p.m. Friday night followed by dinner. Then Saturday a continental breakfast and luncheon will be served. Cost for the meals is $20. Interested? Call the Madisonville First Baptist Church office at (936) 348-2686 by Feb. 14 for registration information.

•And finally, allergies are winning out here on the Nettles hill. I’m one of those who has been contributing to the stock of Kleenex, Riccola and over-the-counter meds. So I’m signing off with this sign I recently saw. It said, “If winter is here spring can’t be far behind.” There is hope folks.