'Round Town (July 3, 2019)

Posted 7/2/19

Last week I shared with you that my Deal-of-the-Week was the upcoming sale of that gorgeous antebellum mansion used in the movie “Gone with the Wind”.

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'Round Town (July 3, 2019)


Last week I shared with you that my Deal-of-the-Week was the upcoming sale of that gorgeous antebellum mansion used in the movie “Gone with the Wind”.

This week though, my Deal-of-the-Week is a great opportunity for you parents hunting entertainment for the kids this summer. How about four free tickets to Schlitterbahn? Now that’s a deal! And they are easy to get.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Madisonville Meter. It’s that easy. With every new or renewal subscription, you are entered into a drawing to receive four free tickets to the water parks in Galveston or New Braunfels. If you already have a subscription but it doesn’t run out for a couple of months, you can renew it now and get a chance for those free Schlitterbahn tickets so spread the news!

Need more than four tickets? Get creative! Call the folks, call your siblings, call Uncle Joe. Ask them to subscribe or renew your subscription.

Free tickets are a win-win for everyone. Subscriptions and advertisements pay a newspaper’s bills and without sufficient subscriptions and advertisements, a newspaper, like all businesses without revenue, has to close its doors. In a world of digital media of all kinds -- including Facebook -- we are fortunate our small town still has a weekly newspaper. Literally thousands of newspapers including mega ones have been forced to close over the last decade. (Editor’s note: More than one in five local newspapers have closed since 2004, according to a recent study.)

There’s a special place for newspapers though. The people in towns who have lost theirs tell us that. A hometown newspaper carries the pics of our friends and family as well as pics of ball games, community growth and yes, even community loss. While you may read the same on digital media, you can’t cut out your child’s pic and save it, can’t cut out a special comment and paste it on the fridge, can’t just hold sit down with a cup of coffee and read the news.

The Schlitterbahn tickets are a win-win for our community. Cutting entertainment costs while helping to keep our local newspaper alive are both good things. And if you don’t need those tickets, I bet someone in your neighborhood or at your church or who works with you would love to have them, so now’s a good time to pick up the phone and renew your subscription. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s what else is going on ‘round our town.

How about some Summer Reading Bingo? That’s what’s going on at Re-Read Used Books. Take your kiddos ages 4-12 by their business at 220 Trinity Street to pick up the playing sheets and get the rules. Summer Reading Bingo continues through the first of August, so there’s still a fun month of reading and playing bingo for your child. In addition, for every bingo The Sugar Shack will give your child a free small snow cone. Re-Read Used books is the business across from the First Baptist Church parking lot.

Hats off to Dwayne Standley at Standley Feed Store for donating the sprayer, chemicals, everything needed to kill the Bahia grass and those pesky fire ants at Madisonville Cemetery. Thanks to the Standleys and thanks to the rest of you good folks striving to improve our cemetery.

It’s so easy to become complacent with what you see around town and not realize there is a real need for improvement. So it was with our local cemetery. Within the last several years however, through donations we now have a much-needed fence surrounding the cemetery and much needed gates, built and donated by Clark Osborne. A lot of volunteers like Dwayne and Clark have spent hours restructuring the Madisonville Cemetery Association and cleaning the cemetery.

Just like the newspapers I mentioned earlier though, cemeteries also cost money to maintain. Presently that money comes from memberships and the sale of cemetery plots. Did you know that approximately 3,200 people are buried in our cemetery and that does not include unmarked graves they are still finding?

Presently a permanent endowment is under discussion to help take care of expenses and to continue improvements. If you can, plan to attend the upcoming July 15 Madisonville Cemetery Association meeting at the Kimbro Center and let the board and others who have given freely of their time know you appreciate them. Madisonville Cemetery Association President is Osborne, V.P. is Ola stiver, Standley is treasurer, Cynthia Walker is secretary and other board members are Dawn Knight, Candy Bennett, Sylvia Dean and Brent Viator. They could also really use your help!

Speaking of helping, I had an opportunity to visit with Sheri Miles this week. Sheri and her hubby Scott, who is recovering from a stroke were the couple for whom our town recently held a benefit.

“It’s really special to see a community pull together for others and make things happen,” said Sheri, who along with Scott graduated with the MHS class of 1982. “We just wanted to make sure everyone knows how appreciative we are and not miss thanking anyone, those organizing, baking, frying, donating, organizing or anything.”

More good news? Although Scott still has a long way to go in his recuperation, after 2½ months Scott is now home.

Let’s hear from persons who like to knit! A new knitters club will begin for any age or gender, whether it is skilled knitters who can help teach or wannabes who want to learn. Other needlework such as those who crochet or needlepoint are also welcome.

Weekly meetings will be held at Madison County Library. Call Bobbie Holmes at 936-714-4128 to let her know what morning might work best for you. Leave a call back message if no answer. You can also email Bobbie at both 9698@gmail.com. Let’s knit and purl our way to new skills and friends

On our birthday list, belated happy birthday to Saundra J Rowland. Mrs. Rowland’s birthday was Saturday. She arrived back in town just in time to celebrate, having been out of town attending a family reunion.

This week Charles Drake and Frances Byrd kick off the birthday list with their birthdays Friday. Wanda McLain’s birthday is Monday while Sharon Phelps, Tim Arnold and Shirley Farris do the same on Tuesday. Heidi Ellis and Rick Schroeder are right behind them celebrating their birthdays next Wednesday.

Please send those birthdays, anniversaries, births and other important announcements to us at gala@nettlescountry.com or call 936-348-6541. Make sure you spell the names so we print them correctly and keep everyone happy.

And finally, we are a fortunate nation and of course, most of us realize it. That we are fortunate is the good news, but it can also be the bad news.

When the cost of fuel rises several pennies per gallon, we moan and groan. Same at the grocery store. But according to other countries, our increases are minimal. In Venezuela consumer prices jumped 34.8% in March and then increased again in April another 33.8% according to data released May 28 by the Central Bank of Venezuela.

That, though, is their good news. The article stated, “hyperinflation—as defined by monthly price increases of over 50% and which occurred for 11 straight months until February 2019—has stabilized, at least for now.”

The average man can’t buy fuel in Venezuela nor go to the grocery store.

Those thoughts can remind us how fortunate we are, our good fortune bought with the sacrifice and blood of many. It’s a good thing to remember as we celebrate July 4.

Happy Independence Day everyone!