’Round Town March 14, 2018


It’s Fair time in our county and this Thursday night is opening ceremonies. If you plan to go, it will be best to go early, that is, if you’d rather not walk a long distance. Madisonville folks are good to come out and support our county fair.

On second thought, if you do go later, you can put off that morning exercise and get it when you hike the mile-long walk to the fair building. Think about it: you’ll be healthier for having walked and it will be a head start at walking off all those good desserts, jams and jellies you can purchase that evening.

The rodeo is then held Friday and Saturday evenings, March 16-17, and quite a few local youth will be participating. It’s always nice to have a crowd support you when you’re out there doing your best.

Even the year when the mud was ankle deep and the rains fell periodically throughout the evening, a group of loyal supporters were there to cheer on the kiddos. This year the weather is supposed to be great so think about going to the rodeo. You can do a little visiting, support the kids and make a memory on the same night. It’s a good thing to do.

•By the way, Saturday is also the day to wear green in honor of St Patrick’s Day, and to keep from being pinched. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a little fun has at times turned into bullying and now some schools police and even ban pinching. In fact, in 2010, two Memphis middle-schoolers were suspended for pinching too hard. Sad isn’t it?

Of course, kissing anyone who’s Irish is supposed to be next to kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland for good luck. But then how do you really know they are Irish? On to other things ‘round town.

•Remember the Gospel Gatherings held over the last couple of years at the Midway Church of Christ? They will start again Tuesday March 20 in the Church’s Fellowship Hall. Instead of Gospel Gatherings the name has been changed to the Lanier Stevens Memorial Singing. Rather fitting don’t you think?

Of course, finger food will be served at 6 p.m. to give you a little sustenance for that listening and singing. If you have an instrument and like to play, bring it along and join in. It will be a good evening.

Back in Madisonville, if you’d like to learn more about the future plans of our local Madisonville Municipal Airport, mark March 21 on your calendar to attend the 10 a.m. Open House hosted by the City of Madisonville, Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and The Madison County Economic Development Corp. The theme is “Where We Were — Where We Are — Where We Plan To Go.”

•Then remember the new business we mentioned last week? Re-Read Used Books & Moon & Beyond Creations will be opening its doors April 3 at 220 W Trinity St. That’s the old Entergy building and at one time Dr. Morrow had her office there.

Robert and Linda Meyer and their daughter, Rebecca Garcia will manage the book store along with Moon & Beyond Creations. Rebecca is married to DPS Trooper, Felipe Garcia. The Chamber of Commerce will host a Ribbon Cutting for the new businesses April 4th at noon.

•One more thing about our town. If you have a little time on your hands, consider visiting our local Madison County Historical Commission. Also, consider becoming a member. You will receive a month newsletter full of interesting tidbits of long ago and the minutes of the last meeting. You’ll also know about all of the interesting memorabilia they periodically feature.

How about some birthdays? Happy birthday to Mike Refrow, whose birthday is March 15, and to Lisa Cannon, whose birthday is March 18. Todd Lacy celebrates his birthday March 19.

Congratulations to Nicole Wakefield and Randal Prehoda who wed Saturday evening. Nicole is the daughter of Donna Wakefield Manning and Clint Wakefield.

•Here is an update on Carlie Warren, the old daughter of Jamie and Ben Douglas who has lived a tough life during her seven years. First, Carlie was diagnosed at the age of 3 with sleep apnea but no one caught that red flag. Then came the daily nausea and headaches. Six months later an MRI revealed a pituitary tumor called a microadenoma lodged between Carlie’s eyes and her brain.

That didn’t solve the problems though and after further tests last November Carlie was diagnosed with carnitine disorder, which should have been caught when she was born. Infants are supposed to be tested for carnitine disorder since it can cause brain damage, weaken the heart, cause liver dysfunction and can even prove fatal.

The tests showed Carlie already had mild liver damage. More symptoms of carnitine deficiency? Sleep apnea, extreme fatigue, growth retardation and vomiting, all symptoms the child had shown for the last four years. Still, something wasn’t right.

The mother of all of these problems was finally revealed last month when a neurologist diagnosed Carlie has type 1 Chiari malformation. This Thursday Ben and Jamie meet again with the neurologist to develop a game plan.

Presently they know her brain tissues are growing rapidly down her spine, having moved from being level with her skull in August to moving down her spine by 6 mm. They also know she will need decompression surgery but not when, what that means, or what it will do for Carlie.

In the meantime, Carlie, whose growth has been stunted by all of this, is a happy little girl when she sees someone wearing the red bracelets that say “Praying for Carlie.” The future is not quite as scary when you have support.

Bracelets are presently sold at The Mule Barn, and Nettles Country Store for $5 for adults and $3 for children or for any donation. And if you’d like a real treat, call the Douglas family at (936) 402-2011 or write to Carlie at P.O. Box 404, Midway, TX 75852. Mom or Dad will help her personally deliver your bracelets to you.

And finally, folks I’m here to tell you two things: first, Americans are a nosy bunch and secondly, they are sinking in debt. I happen to have first-hand knowledge of this information thanks to Ma Bell’s invention, the telephone.

A collection agency in one of the Eastern states recently sent out an automatic phone message. It must be similar to all of those political calls a lot of us receive right before month’s elections. You know the ones: the phone rings right in the middle of dinner and before you can even begrudgingly say hello, an ecstatically happy recorded voice starts telling you how to vote.

Unlike the political messages however, this message gives the receiver no indication of whom the caller is. Instead, the message asks them to punch a button to return the call.

That’s how I know we’re a nosy bunch. The button they punch sends the call to Nettles Stirrups. It’s hard for me to believe hundreds of people — make that thousands — would return the call if the message said, “This is a collection agency.”

And that, my friends is also how I also know our world is sinking in debt. People are calling our number around the clock — early in the morning, throughout the day, in the middle of the night just to see whose calling them.

America, we have problem.