Scholarships funded in tasty fashion by MSCA


Rain didn’t deter crowds from gathering at the annual Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association barbecue cook-off over the weekend, at which the Road Kill Cookers took home the overall winners’ trophy.

About 35 teams competed in the annual event, which is co-chaired by Derek Manning and Sharon Phelps.

Phelps said there’s a simple reason why she’s helped organize the cook-off for more than 15 years.

“All the proceeds after expenses go to scholarships for Madison County kids,” she said.

Organizers are still tallying results on how much the auction raised, but Phelps said the turnout was good and light rain did not send anyone home.

“When we were doing the auction it started raining, but it didn’t rain very long,” she said.

Phelps added that she was “ecstatic” that among the hundreds of locals was a retired couple from Point Blank.

“They had seen our ad and called me and showed up,” Phelps said. “They came Friday night and stayed the night. They had a blast.”

The organizer added that this is the first year they have saved money by sending out registration forms and other information by email rather than using postage.

The barbecue cook-off and a steak dinner held two weeks prior are MSCA’s primary annual fundraisers.

“We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this,” Phelps said. “Without the community support, we couldn’t do it.”

The following winners were recognized:

Bloody Mary — Camo Cookers

Margaritas — Double Ds

Chili — Wagons East

Beans — BS Cookers

Open — B Man Smokers

Dessert — BS Cookers


First Place — Are You Lazy 2 Cookers

Second Place — Grey Smoke 2

Third Place — Spur of the Moment

Fourth Place – Roadkill Cookers

Fifth Place – Grey Smoke 1

Sixth Place – Get Right Cookers

Seventh Place – Black Hat

Eighth Place – Camo Cookers

Ninth Place – Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em 1

Tenth Place – Two Js and a Bimbo 1


First Place — Pot Lickers

Second Place — B Man Cookers

Third Place — Get Right Cookers

Fourth Place – Henson F-1 Cookers

Fifth Place – Spur of the Moment

Sixth Place – BS Cookers

Seventh Place – Lazy B 2

Eighth Place – Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em 2

Ninth Place – Grey Smoke 1

Tenth Place – Wagons East


First Place — Cookers for Christ 4

Second Place — Road Kill Cookers

Third Place — Black Hat

Fourth Place – Cookers for Christ 3

Fifth Place – Pot Lickers

Sixth Place – BS Cookers

Seventh Place – Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em 2

Eighth Place – Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em 1

Ninth Place – Cookers for Christ 2

Tenth Place – Henson F-1

Other Winners

Best area — First N Cookers

Most Unique Pit — BS Cookers

Best Costumes — 2 J’s and a Bimbo

Showmanship — 2 J’s and a Bimbo

Overall trophy winner — Road Kill Cookers

According to the MSCA website, the term “sidewalk cattleman” was invented by the 1941 Madisonville Meteor editor, Henry Fox. 

“Fox wrote about people wearing cowboy boots around town who didn’t own any cows,” the site states. “The idea took hold and an organization was formed complete with rules for wearing cowboy boots and penalties to be assessed for infractions of those rules. Today, the custom is to dunk violators in the horse trough on the courthouse lawn.”