Shop students help senior residents


The 70-plus residents at Madisonville Care Center don’t have a whole lot of possessions. Some have family photos; some have stuffed animals; some have crosses and knick-knacks that they hold dear because they are gifts from family members.

But there’s not a lot of space in their “homes,” most of which are shared with a roommate. The residents took to placing items on top of long light bars, which the state declared a safety hazard. So they either had to get rid of them or find another place to put them, said MCC Administrator Justin Batson.

Social worker Jade Bracewell saw an opportunity when she ran into Madisonville Junior High Coach and shop teacher Randy Walker at a baseball game.

“I told him some of our residents needed shelves for their doo-dads,” Bracewell said. “He said his kids would do it, and they did it in about two weeks.”

Bracewell, whose children went to school with Walker’s and grandchildren now go to school with Walker’s grandchildren, said the coach was happy to assist.

“They did a really good job,” she said.

Batson agreed, noting that the care center staff has offered shelves to those who don’t want to get rid of their things – and to those who would like to add some to their rooms.

“This was a very nice deed these young folks did,” Batson said.

One resident, Jewel Altimore, whose wall is covered in framed photos and crosses, was pleased to hear that shelves are on the way.

“That’s neat that the kids are doing that for us,” she said.