Since the President was shut out …


Text of the speech given to the combined U.S. House and Senate chambers, on the State of the Union, as delivered by me:

Madame Speaker, Members of the House and Senate, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

We have lost our way.

We have lost sight of what makes this country the shining example that it is.

We have abdicated our responsibilities to our constituents, and in place have created a system whereby the rights guaranteed by God and our Constitution are being eroded, and replaced with government intervention and permissions.

In a country that prides itself on its liberty, why has its leaders decided to dictate such mundane things as the types of bathroom fixtures, or light bulbs, are allowed? Why is it the government’s purview to place time limits on truck drivers?

Why have we decided that the 435 people in the Senate and House, along with the President, are the best answer to health care and health insurance?

Why is the government convinced it has the only answers to gun violence? Why has it become necessary for the government to intervene in this and just about every other aspect of society?

We have children starving. We have veterans, who fought and shed blood and limbs for our country sleeping on park benches. We have an annual deficit larger than most countries actual budgets. We have more than $20 trillion in loans that apparently never will be repaid.

However, we waste time and effort on allowing illegal entry into our country; we seek to change the rules of our government to better suit our retention, to further our agendas; we investigate every last nuance of our lives in the hopes of gaining a larger foothold of control.

We have forgotten how to work together; we instead demonize, polarize, and intentionally keep our constituents — those we profess to represent — ignorant of facts and consequences, opting for soundbites, half-truths and propaganda.

To tighten our grip on our control of our citizens — and non-citizens, apparently — we stack the courts with like-minded judges who will gladly instill legislation from the bench to hamper the efforts of the opposition, or of anyone that seeks liberty and self-determination over the auspices of government.

This is decidedly not the government envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The very idea that government sets the terms of living in this country, from the cradle to the grave, was anathema to them. Government was to be limited, to protect the borders, deliver mail, regulate commerce, negotiate treaties.

The government cannot and should not decide what health care is proper, what the weather should be, whether other countries have better ideas than we do.

We need to give control of this back to the people. We need to be honest, forthright, industrious, and focused on our country, and we need to come together in common cause, not remain two sides of the same controlling coin.

We need to get over ourselves. We need more “We the People,” not “We know what’s best.”

And we need to do it before we lose all.

Tony Farkas really isn’t the president, but is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.