Smoke, water, helping hands at local farm


Thanks to the predictable unpredictability of Texas’ changing seasonal temperatures, Rick Tinney, owner of Sweet Pickins Blackberry Farm, found himself in a predicament in the early hours of Tuesday morning on March 14th. 

Temperatures had dropped more than thirty degrees from the day before and frost was expected; a deadly prognosis for Blackberry plants. 

Sweet Pickins Farm is a large undertaking for a single person and Tinney needed help quick.  He enlisted the service of two young men, Micah and Evan (ages 11 and 10) to help water each plant.  Fires were also started around the rows to help create a blanket of smoke to insulate the plants. 

After watering over two thousand plants, individually, with water cans and a little muscle, the crop was saved.  The project that Tinney was not going to be able to accomplish in time on his own was brought to completion with the help of these two boys, saving the berries and the livelihood of his farm.

It just goes to show, it’s worth asking for help and it pays to be willing to provide it for your neighbor.  The boys not only learned the value of helping out a neighbor in need but also how to put in some hard work and a little gardening knowledge to boot.