Some lessons seem unlearned


So, in the latest of my screeds regarding the phenomenon that is the Donald Trump candidacy, I feel the need to make it clear that while I applaud his efforts, I don’t necessarily think he would make a good president.

That said, it shouldn’t be a reason, as the powers that be think it is, to completely ignore the message, and the fact that the people — guys, remember those? — have spoken, essentially giving politicians their marching orders.

That all has been swept away, making room for the spectacle of the self-destruction of the Republican party, and congenial politics, and debate, and winning on the backs of ideas, not on the piles of bodies of your opponents.

It really doesn’t matter who gets thrown under the bus in this battle royale straight out of the mind of Vince McMahon. What seems to matter, and only matter, is who is most deserving of the nomination.

The cracks in the façade of the GOP are growing, and what’s leaking out is the worst, most petty examples of the turmoil the party is in.

In one example, a high-ranking official of the Republican National Committee has gone on record stating that it’s not up to the voters to select the GOP nominee.

His contention was that primary votes don’t matter, that the votes cast at the convention are what’s important. In other words, party will decide nominee, comrade, and idea that voters make a difference is purely a creation of the national media.

Essentially we can buckle up, buttercup, and deal with what we’re told we’re going to love. Combine that with the thought that the Electoral College actually elects the president, not the popular vote, and you have an incredible conspiracy on your hands.

There also has been numerous calls for candidates to pack their stumps and go. Cruz and Kasich say Trump should hit the bricks, because his brand of politics is divisive and he would not be able to work with Congress, much less other countries. Trump and Cruz say Kasich has got to go, since he would have to outright win 112 percent of the remaining primary elections to reach the vaunted goal of 1,237 delegates, and that he’s really a RINO and will help further the liberal agenda of amnesty. Kasich has gone on record recently saying Cruz needs to leave the race because he can’t win, and Trump has called Cruz a flippin’ flip-floppiting flip-flopper, as well as a liar.

So with the highest stakes of all on the table, namely the future of this country, we’re treated to what can only be described as the most horrible example of sibling rivalry ever.

This all has to stop, because of what we’re losing. And yes, I said, “we’re.”

See, they’re so busy backbiting that they lost their way. They forgot they’re supposed to be our voices in Washington, and that they’re supposed to represent our will, not their own ambition and stilted view of what this country should be, even though it’s really our fault things got this way.

But we’ve woken, and we’re angry, and it’s up to our representatives to reflect that.