Stadiums bring in revenue for schools


Madisonville CISD Athletic Director Rusty Nail reported Monday that between April 18 and June 3, the district brought in $15,000 by allowing teams from other schools to host playoff games on their turfed fields.

Nail was hired in December with the anticipation of building the Mustang football program. With state championship rings from the Mart district and a new coaching staff in place, the AD is meeting expectations thus far.

He told the school board on Monday that the district hosted 28 softball and baseball games this year – largely due to the investment in turf, which allows games to played safely even if there has been a large amount of rainfall.

“Four of those teams stayed in town multiple nights,” Nail said. “A lot of the business owners have been appreciative. We’re sitting in a great location to host a lot of things. All of this was done by word of mouth. We haven’t advertised it. People were looking for a place and heard that we have turf.”

Something to look at in the future, Nail added, is seating accommodations.

“Some people couldn’t play here because we didn’t have adequate seating,” he said. “The only comment, other than ‘wow’ was ‘Where are we going to sit?’”

The AD commented that the facilities are excellent and have provided “tremendous exposure for our district.”

Superintendent Keith Smith said during a separate conversation that plans are in place to build additional parking for football games across from the junior high.

“They park there anyway and it ruts up and damages the mowers,” Smith said. “They’re going to level it out and put rock on it.”