'Stangs strong


So often we get caught up in the glitz and glamour of professional sports that we overlook special sports stories that are happening right before our very eyes, and by us, I’m referring to myself.

While the Atlanta Falcons were blowing a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl, and Kevin Durant was preparing to return home for the first time since leaving Oklahoma City, the Madisonville girls’ basketball teams were busy winning games. Both the junior varsity and varsity teams have been on a tear this season. Don’t believe me? Just check the record books.

The Madisonville junior varsity team finished their season undefeated. Out of 20 games this team didn’t lose one. I can’t go 20 days without losing my car keys, but these girls went 20 straight games without losing to anyone.

Then there’s the girls’ varsity team, which Head Coach Shana Taylor told me at the beginning of the year, was “special” – and judging by their 26-3 record she looks to be right. It’s been a dominating journey filled with blowouts as well as close games against the stiffest of competition.

A lot of us watch sports because of how it makes us feel as a part of a collective, an identity to latch onto that really has no risk of hurting our actual identities. I became a sports journalist because I wanted to be able to share stories that might otherwise not be told.

In American culture, sports are a primal and welcome forum for emotion. As fans, our fears and passions are all poured into something over which we have very little control. I have no control over how well these teams do moving forward, all I know is that somewhere between the beginning of the season and now I have become invested in wanting to see both succeed; quiet as kept I’m a fan.

Mustangs strong!

Megan Huston is the sports editor for The Meteor. She can be reached at 936-348-3505 or sports@madisonvillemeteor.com