State of the union fairly dismal


One side hailed it as a list of wonderful and unicorn-like accomplishments of a president that followed his vision, fought off the slavering horde of people-hatin’ conservatives and transformed this country into a utopia of candy-like liberal goodness.

The other side called it a laundry list of failures, government overreach, and outright lies about a government that cared more about its own existence that that of the population of the country.

I’m with the third side this time. The side that has remained quiet throughout — to their detriment, of course — while watching the government decide more and more that it is responsible for the lives of everyone from conception to the grave, and has forgotten that it exists as an arm of the people.

I say silent, though the more accurate term should be ignored. That was what I took away from this: As always, the government is existing for its own needs, not that of the people.

It was touted that the deficit has been cut to its lowest point in decades, which confuses me, as you would need a budget to compare, and a budget hasn’t been passed by this government in years. Then, there’s the matter of the national debt, which is at $20 trillion.

Say what you will about the criticism; there’s no way that we can pay this off without suffering. And if China keeps running into money problems, they will call the notes due. Then, watch what happens.

Happy or sad, elated or morose, to stare down the barrel of a debt that size has to raise questions about the sanity of our fiscal policies, and our ability to praise ourselves for our intelligence and capacity for caring. We’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water, and told everyone they should be proud the tub is so clean.

We touted a complete take over of health care and the Internet, a slipping economy has been called improving, and race relations are worse than at any time I can remember. Whole swaths of the country are disenfranchised, immigration can only charitably be described as a fiasco, and the energy industry is under attack by a president that hates coal and oil.

We’re under attack within and without our borders — ISIS is crossing the border, the Iranians have captured Navy ships without so much as a shot fired by us, and our foreign policy is at best weak.

I’m not sure what the state of the union is, but I’m guessing our founding fathers would be pretty confused by the whole mess, and start building another Mayflower.