Status quo scared of the Trump


Interesting to see all the infighting, backbiting, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Republican Party this year.

It’s almost like nobody trusts anyone, including our own kind. Which, when you come to think about it, actually is a good thing.

It cropped up here in Madison County during the forum for the GOP field for U.S. representative.

That problem isn’t specific to the GOP, either, and it’s pretty much due to the phenomenon that is the Trump.

Good for him, I say.

It’s long been known by the people in what are condescendingly called the flyover states that government has lost its way. Our elected officials no longer represent their constituents, but have instead decided to lead and to dictate.

So what’s happening is status quo politicians are running into groups that demand answers, and there are none to be had — either by the arrogance of the ruling elitists not bothering to offer answers, or by those leaders essentially patting us on the head and telling us to trust them, we know what’s good for them.

These elitists don’t have an idea how to react to that, other than try the same worn routines and promises.

I hope, though, that this year is different.

I hope the effect Trump has is to convince the entrenched leadership that there really needs to be honest, real change. We cannot exist as a nation with the crushing needs of an out-of-control, overspending government.

I’m really not convinced Trump will be a good leader. I’m really not convinced that there’s a good leader in the race — Democrat or Republican. Because each of them still maintain the idea that government is the answer for whatever ails the country.

That is the debate I want to hear, and that is the point I think Trump is trying to make. Each and every presidential hopeful still maintains that government can solve the nation’s problems, while not a one of them truly believes that the government’s involvement is what created the problems in the first place.

And it’s not just government alone; the death of decent, honest debate and compromise has led us to a Sophie’s Choice of horrible outcomes — a government bent on being a savior and coddling its citizens (as the Democrats hope), or a government that will do the same thing, only slower (like the Republicans will).

So, for the meantime, keep Trump around to make the other candidates come up with better plans. Keeping the foxes on as security officers for the henhouse is not the way to go; if the government really had solutions for our problems, they would no longer exist.