Target response on target


The backlash from Target’s extremely ill-advised embracing of an all-inclusive restroom policy is equally instructive as it is welcome.

Aside from reminding a multimillion dollar corporation that it lives and dies at the whim of the market, it is a shining example of what happens when people rally around a cause and exert influence.

Regardless of whether Target changes its stance or not, it is nice to see people holding their feet to the fire. It’s the kind of response that has been sorely lacking — especially in politics.

What has happened is an online petition has been circulated, and as of last week, more than 1 million people in the country have signed it.

The gist of the petition is that people will now boycott the retailer, which decided that it will allow customers to use whatever restroom aligned with the gender they identify with. They feel Target’s policy is a safety risk.

For some reason, however, inclusivity is a core belief at Target, which comes out as more important than actual sales. Customers, as well as employees, according to Target’s blog, should “feel” accepted, respected and welcomed in the stores.

Problem with that line of thinking is that having such a broad policy for such a small segment of society, you alienate the larger sections of your customer base.

The timing of Target’s decision worked against them as well, since the electorate is sort of coming alive, and looking around, and not really liking what it sees — pandering of the highest order to any subgroup of society with an axe to grind.

Basing a decision on feelings, as it seems Target has, tends to align the decision and the company with knee-jerk activism and not the customer base. And now comes the check. According to, Target’s stocks are now worth $1.5 billion less, and instead of people talking about the deals the store offers, the conversation has shifted to sexual predation and privacy.

Not the kind of free publicity you’d normally seek.

(A charming contrast, if I may be facetious, is the reaction the “enlightened” people of California had to Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Costa Mesa. Bloodied bodies, destroyed property and ruined police vehicles are how liberals react to opposition.)

This is a lesson politicians, as well as the voters of this country, can learn.

The government has for decades lost its way. Social engineering instead of regulation, forced inclusion instead of enforced laws and outright theft and malfeasance has replaced representative government.

The only way to reclaim our former glory is a revolution of voters. Get rid of the status quo that has placed this country in debt of more than $20 trillion; that has robbed Social Security of its trust funds and put millions of retirees, now and in the future, at risk; one that has placed the whole of the country at the mercy of feel-good policies that benefit few while leaving the majority of people alienated.

So I say, let’s boycott government. Stop sending the same people back time and again to be only disappointed in their actions. Hold an Article 5 convention and pull the reins back on a runaway government that doesn’t serve us anymore, but only itself.

Heck, even let’s stop paying taxes — the whole country at once — and see if we get their attention. Because the only thing that is crystal clear in all of this is that we cannot continue down the path we’re headed.