The new childish paradigm


One of the proudest moments of my life was when I became a father. With that, though, also has come some of the most embarrassing moments.

Everyone has that tale to tell about a child throwing a tantrum in some public fashion, which serves to have all kinds of people asking questions like, “What kind of parent are you?” and “Will you shut that kid up already?”

Usually, a swift pop to the backside or a trip out to the car will get the child’s attention, and calm will be restored. Or, if it’s truly necessary, you’ll buy the princess cereal instead of the Cheerios — just to keep the peace till you get out of the store.

When dealing with children, that’s the best way. How, then, do we deal with the numerous and countrywide tantrums being thrown by our supposed leaders?

I’m speaking, of course, about the actions of Congressional leaders in the wake of the horrific shooting in Orlando, Fla., that left 49 people dead. But I’m also speaking about a bunch of other similar reactions by news media, pundits and political hacks of every stripe.

For instance, the utter bipolar reactions to the primary success of Donald Trump. Republican leaders either embrace the candidate, or distance themselves, as in the case of supposed House Speaker Paul Ryan, who will vote for Trump but won’t exhort fellow conservatives to do the same.

Then there’s the two lawsuits — one filed in Texas, of all states, and one in Virginia — where the delegates are wanting to cast their votes for someone else because they claim Trump is not fit to hold office.

George Will, a stalwart Republican commentator, has left the party.

But the sit-in held in Washington, D.C., last week was the ultimate grocery store tantrum.

I remember years ago the Texas 11 escaped to New Mexico and Oklahoma to avoid voting for a redistricting law the Legislature was considering. The House reaction to the death of gun control bills, which pretty much encompassed the entire Democratic delegation in D.C., was of the same stripe, only on a grander scale.

For 26 ½ hours, up to 170 representatives of this country’s citizens whinged and kept Congress for closing because they didn’t get what they wanted, which was a vote for gun control.

Bear in mind that they wanted more gun control because a terrorist killed 49 people, so these Democrats were set on taking away the rights of honest Americans.

And to show everyone they were serious, they threw their tantrum.

I cannot for the life of me fathom how our government has come to this. I cannot understand how people who are supposed to represent — represent — our interests have instead co-opted themselves to a failed ideology and will do any and everything to get their way.

If there ever was an example of a person, or in this case a group of people, in dire need of a pop on the backside or a time-out, it’s our current crop of leaders.

So, let’s do that. Pop ‘em on the backside, and let them know how dissatisfied you are with their lack of representation. Or if that’s not working, give them a time out, and vote them out of office. It’s obvious they no longer belong there, and they’re just embarrassing themselves as well as us.