Tidying up at the year’s end


Another year has gone by, and we’ve made it. I even wished everybody I saw a Merry Christmas and the world didn’t end. If it was offensive, tough; I don’t complain about anyone else’s observances.

•Texas weather got a touch nuts last weekend, with parts of the state experiencing blizzards, deadly tornadoes, torrential rains, high winds and probably fog and sunshine. The weather wardens are making merry with their work, it seems.

•We had the age-old battle at our house over opening presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I’m the latter, based on family history; wife is the former, and usually wins.

Of course, the kids like to open presents 24-7-365.

•My daughter gave me the best Christmas present ever, and while it’s not my place to divulge the details, let’s just say that almost 19 years of battles in our relationship have ended up in a beautiful, respectful place. I was never more happy or surprised.

•If Bernie Sanders has no better grasp of economics, as evidenced by his statement regarding refinancing student loans, then there’s no better proof that our country would end up owned by banks and other people who do understand financing.

By the bye, if students did not want to face a mountain of debt at the end of pursuing ridiculous degrees in University Studies, then maybe they shouldn’t have taken the loans in the first place. It certainly means the taxpayer is betrayed again if the loans are forgiven.

•In a recent poll, it was found that six of 10 people polled find Hillary Clinton to be untrustworthy. For most people running for president, that would pretty much be a death knell. For liberals, and particularly Clinton and her ilk, that only means she’s doing something right.

•The current spate of “conservatives” in Congress have promised that after the first of the year, they would pass a repeal of Obamacare and set it on the president’s desk. This was after they yet again defied the will of the people and passed a massive spending bill which will further mire the country and the future of our children in debt.

•A professor at Emory University, George Yancy, penned a “gift” for white people, which was run in the New York Times on Christmas Eve. In his letter, he admonishes the Caucasian race to come to grips with its rampant racism, because even though there’s been advances in this area, it amounts to nothing, and black people everywhere know whites are still racist.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the hatred exhibited by other races; we are, and always have been, the problem.

•The Huffington Post Web site has come up with what it feels is the all-time champion idea regarding power conservation — having Christians, who should know better, turn off Christmas lights, which use more electricity annually than several Third World countries.

We could up that ante by turning off HuffPo, too.