Toth looks to unseat Brady


Former State Rep. Steve Toth is doing his best to unseat longtime U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady in the Texas Congressional District 8 race slated for the March 1 ballot.

Toth touts his conservative voting record wants to shrink the federal government, eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and protect Second Amendment rights.

The owner of a Montgomery County design-and-build firm and a pool maintenance company, Toth is facing Brady, Andre Dean and Craig McMichael in the Republican primary. No Democrats are seeking election in this race.

Toth said he is “deeply concerned” about the current state of government.

“Austin is a microcosm of what’s going on in Washington, D.C. right now,” he said. “It attracts a lot of bottom-dwellers. It’s the Washington cartel. It has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats; it’s run and orchestrated by the lobby.”

The candidate believes that a difference can be made if the “right people” are elected. His campaign literature promises that “unlike Kevin Brady, Steve Toth will not raid the Social Security Trust fund of $150 billion” and “will not vote to bring 172,000 refugees here, while 33,000 of our veterans are homeless.”

“If you’re going to run, you have to be willing to not drink their liquor and not take their money,” Toth said in a telephone interview on Monday. “This is a budget that will add billions of debt to our children. It fully funds Planned Parenthood and it funds refugees to come here. They don’t have to work or find jobs. And it fully funds Obamacare. When you educate people about what’s in the budget, they’ve got your back.”

Although Toth, along with Dean and McMichael, are quick to criticize Brady’s political choices, he said he has tried to stay away from “inflammatory rhetoric.”

“The truth will linger where emotion doesn’t,” Toth said. “What’s really important right now is to continue to remind people of [Brady’s] voting record. I’ve been to Austin and said no to the establishment. Kevin Brady says people didn’t send him there to be popular. Actually, we sent him there to be popular for us. I’ve fought them and I’ll do it again.”