True meaning of life is lost


I didn’t think it was possible for Hillary Clinton and those like her to ever surprise or shock me with their disdain for common decency and humanity.

Sadly, I was wrong.

Clinton, along with her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders, agree that there are no “Constitutional rights” for unborn children.

Clinton invoked the ruling in Roe vs. Wade to make her point, saying we can’t sacrifice a woman’s right to make decisions, even though we’re obliged to do what we can to provide medical assistance, etc., to the mother.

In a completely separate story, a woman sent text messages to all her former sexual partners, saying that since lots of women “experience unwanted pregnancy,” and that their options are limited by restrictions or access to choice, that she and her bowling team (yes, you read that right), have decided that the men they’ve slept with must start to fund their birth control and, if necessary, their abortions.

This woman claims that in some instances, traveling to an abortion clinic can be a financial burden, and “no on should be forced to deliver a baby because of a low balance in their bank account.”

The problem here is that as a society, respect for human life, particularly of the human fetus, is relatively non-existent, and of the same consequence as a common cold.

Think about that. No more do we consider life in all its aspects sacred; no more do our leaders profess an interest in preserving that which makes us great, which is our people.

It says something that the people who propose to lead our nation feel this way about the future of this country — because what is the future but our children.

It further speaks to the degredation of a society that has traded expediency for consequences.

For me, it also brings back up the question of what the government’s role in reproduction should be, which, in my opinion, is none. Taking the Roe ruling to its logical conclusion, if abortion is simply a women’s health issue, then the government has no business funding it, legislating it, passing laws regarding it, nothing. Government has no bearing.

Further, particularly in the case of the woman seeking funds from her sexual partners, pregnancy in her examples is the result of a choice between sexual partners. If, as she said, abortion funding is a deterrent for pregnancy, then we’ve gone down a very wrong path.

Life — even if it’s gestational — is precious. If we can muster the compassion for criminals by ending lethal injection, immigrants who have crossed the border illegally and needing medical attention, or even animals through movements like PETA and Greenpeace, surely we can see that even though a child requires nine months of growth before birth, it is just as precious and deserving of a chance as the lowliest insect.