Trump blinding news media


Ever so slowly, the powers that be, and the powers that think they’re the powers that be, are coming to the realization that Trump is not the disease, or even the symptom.

He’s the result.

It’s been an amusing sight, watching the nation’s best and brightest lose their collective minds over the man’s campaign, as if The Donald has no right to do what he’s doing.

But that’s an issue of a different stripe, one of lapse of judgment on the part of the press, which would rather comment on the candidate circus instead of the problems plaguing the country.

That’s the thing I’m not hearing. There’s a passel of folks claiming to want to fix this country, and not one of them is telling us how that will happen.

Here’s a quick test, and it’s a two-parter: Do you know what $19.1 trillion is, and have you heard that number in any of the debates, or news coverage or hours of speeches by the candidates?

For me, it’s a number that’s not being said enough.

Regardless of budget promises, regardless of social promises, nothing is going to happen with that 40-ton elephant wearing a pink tutu in the room.

Right now, debt service is the fifth — Top 5 with a bullet — largest chunk of federal spending (I don’t say budget, because there hasn’t been a budget in place in Washington in years). Forecasts put it at third in the next couple of years.

So, fellers and Mrs. Liar, what are the plans for that? Because regardless of how passionately you say it, you can’t promise this and that and the other without a way to pay for it, and apparently, you have spent like drunken sailors for so long that there’s really no way for you to pay off that bar bill.

Seriously, you have great-great-grandchildren not born yet that are on the hook for this country’s profligate spending.

It’s replaced Social Security as the third rail of politics, the one you don’t step on because you’ll get electrocuted.

This is why Trump is as popular as he is. He’s saying what we’re all thinking.

Now, if we can just get our elected leaders to quit caring about reelection and start caring about the country’s future.