Up and down tourney for North Zulch


The Bulldog’s basketball team had a tough loss to end their bid at the North Zulch Holiday Classic to the Alpha Omega Academy Lions from Huntsville 58-38 on Saturday.

The boys fought hard to defend their home court. They were strong in the paint, but fell to perimeter shooting.

The Lions had difficulties with the Bulldogs’ height, and the North Zulch boys tried to take advantage of the mismatch. The point guard would drive to the key and lob the ball up, so one of the Bulldogs’ post players could make a play.

The Lions were able to shoot from behind the arc, and had several three pointers. It has been said that basketball is a “make or miss” sport. The Lions kept making shots, and the Bulldogs kept missing shots.

At one point, the Lions held the ball for the last two minutes of the half. With a lead, they just stood still and let clock run down. The crowd drew restless, but the Bulldogs could not compromise their defense.

North Zulch lost both games on Thursday against the St. Joseph Eagles, 63-60, and the Latexo Tigers 57-54. The boys bounced back and won the next two games on Friday. They beat the Onalaska High School Wildcats, 44-24, and the Brazos Christian Highschool Eagles, 57-44.

The Bulldogs are 3-3 so far on the young season. The Bulldogs have a group of tall senior and juniors with over half the team six feet or taller. This height helps North Zulch control the paint.

The team is growing together, and should be fun to watch this season. The team has a few areas that need work, but the Bulldog’s basketball coach, David Graves, is confident that the team will fix those issues.

“The boys team is taking it day by day, and working harder each day for our one common goal,” said North Zulch head basketball coach David Graves. “We have learned about ourselves in the short time, and we understand that nothing is going to be given to us, and we must work harder each day. This is a great group of boys, a great group of seniors, and when January rolls around we will be ready to play.”

The Bulldogs should have a great season, because these young men have heart, good leadership, and support. North Zulch will be participating in the Centerville Tournament this weekend, and the town needs to show up to support these tenacious Bulldogs.