Vision of the ‘true’ leader


If you ever needed a reminder of just how little regard our ruling class has for us, or our allies, all you have to do is look at the news reports of him salsa dancing with some Argentinian person at a state dinner last week.

Or even watching baseball with ruthless dictators — chomping dogs and tipping brewskis with his intellectual peers.

(Prior to that, he was standing at respectful attention at some ridiculous ceremony in Cuba in front of a representation of noted killer Che Guevara.)

He was cutting his rug, mind you, after the March 22 bombings in Brussels.

His actual words following the bombings, where he was “justifying” his indifference and continued attendance of the ball game, is that since the premise of terrorism is to disrupt people’s ordinary lives, he was gonna show the kind of resilience and strength that Americans have.

He did say that he was respectful and understood the gravity of the situation.


Not only were we spending time holding hands with leaders of a nation that has been our enemy since the 1960s, we’re not going to take a moment and be a leader to a country that has increasingly expressed its fears at being attacked.

I’ve yet to fathom the reason that we needed to end the embargo on the country that came within a hair’s breadth of having nuclear missiles 90 miles from Florida. Obama’s tweet stating we need to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the Cuban people.

OK, then. Cuba it is. Let’s ignore the massive problems facing our country — debt, joblessness, government overreach, trade failures — and let’s brush off a bombing of a city that houses NATO — you remember that organization we set up with our allies in Europe during the Cold War? — and instead hold hands and sing campfire songs with a dictator that has been an enemy of our country since most of us can remember.

What utter contempt our leader has for us, that this type of diplomacy is preferable to caring for a nation and its allies. That we have nothing to offer our president to keep his attention here at home in his last year of being president, such as a government to run.

Perhaps Cuba was one of the few countries that the taxpayers of the United States haven’t sent the Obamas, since their prolific and expensive journeys around the world have covered pretty much anything else.

Perhaps it’s just arrogance.

This elitist blowhard, this unqualified failure of a leader of the free world, has again put his own interests and that of just about everything and everyone else not American ahead of his own people.

The only glimmer of hope is that the normal cover he gets from his press crews was showing noticeable cracks. They thought this was an embarrassing display as well.

What I took away is that finally, after eight years of people pointing it out, is that the man showed his true colors, and that the presidency was never about making our country great, but about making himself great.

We can only hope that history points out what we have always held to be true, and holds the Obama presidency out as the joke that it is.